Software for Blackjack from the Habanero System

In 2010, the online casino software development company Habanero Systems B.V. was established, with the primary emphasis of the company being the construction of virtual slot machines for the Asian market.

However, the Habanero Systems that we are familiar with today didn’t begin to take its current form until 2012, when the firm was acquired by an unnamed “group of investors.” The few references that could be located online constantly referred to the new proprietors using that overarching phrase, which is why we refer to them as “mysterious.”

Whatever the case may be, the remodeled Habanero Systems instantly set its eyes on global growth and signed profitable collaborations with various operators from across the globe, including iSoftBet, GWIN, SKS365, and others. These transactions were made in an effort to expand the scope of the company’s operations, particularly inside the dynamic European market.

Today, the corporation has operational headquarters in four of the world’s major cities, namely:

City of Kiev in Ukraine
Johannesburg, in the country of South Africa
City of Manila in the Philippines
City of Sofia in Bulgaria

By developing such a cosmopolitan platform, Habanero Systems has insured that customers who are participating in their preferred online casino games have the option of selecting from among 21 distinct languages, which include the following:

Languages Spoken in Europe

The Dutch, the English, and the French
Deutsch, Griechisch, and Italienisch
Portuguese (language)
The Russians and the Spanish

Languages Spoken in Asia

The Chinese.
Asian Countries: Indonesian Japanese Korean Thai Vietnamese
Habanero Systems is already well known within the Asian market, despite the fact that the newly rebranded firm is still working to build a presence inside the competitive worldwide iGaming sector. When it comes to providing services to Asian online gaming operators, the firm is often placed in the same category as market giants like Playtech and others of its like.

However, ever after the purchase in 2012, the company’s new ownership group has been working diligently to expand its operations outside the Asian continent. As a consequence of this, those who are knowledgeable about the business have likened its growth pace to that of large software producers like Net Entertainment and Microgaming.

Toni Karapetrov, the head of corporate relations at Habanero Systems, recently gave an interview in which he discussed the company’s place on the industry totem pole in comparison to those giants. He said the following:

“Given how rapidly we’ve progressed in such a short period of time, it is extremely great to be compared to gaming companies like that. This is a fantastic compliment. However, you are quite correct; achievement does not come easily. The level of competition is really high, and it seems to be a case of survival of the fittest out there.

Because players won’t play low-quality games – and they shouldn’t have to – you won’t be able to cash in on an excellent game that you made a few years ago. It is imperative that the needle be moved forward at each and every opportunity.

It is essential that games be adapted to the preferences of its players, but it is also essential that they have widespread appeal. The visuals in our games are of a very high grade, and they have some intriguing mathematical content as well. Sound design is also of a very high standard.

The products of Habanero Systems are becoming known to an increasing number of participants as the firm continues to grow its operations into new areas and additional transactions continue to make news in the media.

People that like blackjack are a part of that group. And despite the fact that the Habanero Systems virtual slot lineup is much superior than the Table Games menu, the latter does feature a Double Exposure variation of regular blackjack in addition to a passable take on the game known as standard twenty one.

Habanero Systems provides its customers with just two different blackjack game titles to pick from, but much like an ace and a face, this business knows how to make those two count.

This page’s purpose is to give gamers with all of the information on those two games that they need in a single convenient location. You will discover a comprehensive listing of client casinos that are now employing the software engine provided by the firm, in addition to a detailed explanation of the look, interface, and regulations associated with each game.

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