Game Review: Gladiator Slots

The Basics of Playing the Gladiator Slot Machine

Are you brave enough to enter the Colosseum in Betsoft’s Gladiator slot machine and fight for fame and unimaginable wealth? Even if you don’t feel up to fighting, this superb five-reel, 30-payline slot will teach you how to win with a gladiator at your side.

Like the Colosseum was meant for, this game’s many bonus features provide hours of amusement and financial rewards. The theoretical RTP for this slot machine is about 92.67 per cent.

Get the most out of Gladiator with the help of this guide, written in the style of ancient Roman scribes. There’s also the possibility of leveling up with some very potent online casino bonus codes.

Structure of the Game

The Gladiator slot is a classic that has been around for quite some time. Although the design is antiquated, it maintains a respectable standard of quality because to its use of symbols and animations that go beyond just blinking lights.

The added feature of being able to simply sit back and watch the gladiator combat is fantastic.

The game’s UI, which was undoubtedly fantastic once in its prime, is now difficult to use because the reels take up the whole screen. If you click the pillars too quickly and get past the option, you’ll have to do a lap around to get back to the beginning of the sequence and try again.

During the regular game rounds, there are lots of opportunities to rack up game symbols.

Typical Game Icons

Warrior hero

Bad guy with a horned gladiator helmet.

Dark steeds

Gold coin purse


Armor and weaponry

Armor and weaponry

Cup and coins made of gold

Show of force


The princess icon and the massive iron door icon both lead to bonus rounds.

Music and Sounds from Slot Machines

The sound effects aren’t great for such a legendary slot machine. It’s a shame that Betsoft didn’t take advantage of the silence by adding authentic Colosseum sounds to the atmosphere.

However, despite the spectacular sound effects after victories and the activation of extra features, the sound quality is not the best.

Unique Characteristics

Betsoft’s Gladiator slot game will keep you occupied for a while owing to its numerous bonus features. There are expanding wild reels, a fight round, and a unique reward picker among these elements.

Two-Times Wild Bonus

If the princess appears in the first position on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will activate her bonus round. Any symbols that come into contact with the rose petals that the princess throws down below will be multiplied by two.

Wild Gladiator Smash Bonus

The heroic gladiator is still fighting for your best interests. The Gladiator smash wild reel is activated when the hero gladiator lands on reel three in any position.

The entire reel is covered in marble until the Gladiator comes back and smashes it, revealing a larger than normal wild.

Toggle Me Door Button

If you get three or more of the iron door icons, you’ll earn a ‘click me’ quick cash prize. Select symbols to disclose quick prizes, and keep doing so until you uncover the collect symbol.

Featured Gladiator Clash

In order to enter the thrilling gladiator combat feature, you must first line up the hero, the villain, and the coliseum symbols across three consecutive reels.

Pick your Gladiator and watch them fight to the death in this exciting round! Free turns are awarded for every successful assault or defense performed by your Gladiator.

What We Think about the Gladiator Game

It’s not Betsoft’s most user-friendly slot machine, but it boasts plenty of scary bonus rounds and animations. Enjoyable and immersive, the Gladiator slot machine transports players to the heart of the action in the Colosseum as they try to line their coffers with gold.

Instant bonuses, free spins, and a “fight to the death” are just a few of the additional features available.

So, be ready for the fight of your life with one of the finest online casino bonuses you will ever receive and launch the Betsoft slot Gladiator.

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