Ed Smith

Ed Smith is a former professional athlete turned author and motivational speaker and host of EZ Sports Talk 360 in Phoenix, AZ. Born and raised near Trenton, New Jersey, Ed grew up with a strong family foundation and an unwillingness to give up on his dreams and goals. Following his passion for baseball, Ed graduated high school in 1987 and was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 7th round of the MLB draft. Nine years later and still looking to break out of the minors, Ed decided to turn a new page and embark on the greatest journey of this athletic career, pursuing professional football.

Through hard work and dedication, Ed broke into the NFL and followed a path that landed him with the Atlanta Falcons and a trip to the Super Bowl in 1998. Reaching the pinnacle of professional football after enduring hardships and uncertainty, Ed realized the lessons he had learned about discipline, dedication, teamwork, and leadership could be applied to all aspects of life and inspire those who need the clarity and motivation in life to achieve their goals.

Today, Ed shares his life lessons with youth, young adult leaders and executives around the world.

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