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JB & Benny Blue Review 8-27-20

As the world turns through the Rona, our society inches closer to big decisions that loom in the world of sports and politics, and The Review back to break it all down in a real way! First, JB illustrates the importance of our upcoming election and what (if elected) the Biden/Harris administration must do in order to make the Black vote have true value towards change. Then, they go in on a myriad of hot topics like Earl Thomas, Nas, Meg Thee Stallion, & more on JB’s “You Wit It Or Not?” Segment! Finally, the boys are joined by JB’s friend and teammate from the Carolina Panthers & current UCLA Running Backs Coach DeShaun Foster for an exclusive interview!

Bleav in the Arizona Cardinals 8-13-20

Jess Root from had an article this week highlighting Kliff Kingsbury’s 3 things he will be paying attention to early in camp. One of those is the defensive line. Javon and Ed spend a little time on the defensive line as well and discuss the expectations. The week wraps up the review of the NFC West foes with the Los Angeles Rams. Will the Rams return to their Super Bowl bound form? EZ is a proud veteran and he shares a training camp story that will have you enthralled.

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