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JB & Benny Blue Review 12/29/20

We’ve reached the end of the craziest year in human history, and The Review is here to lead you into a better future! First, the boys start with JB’s NFL Conspiracy Theories, predicting what strange things may happen in the New Year. Then, the moment finally arrives for their annual #DontBeDumb Awards, dishonoring the year’s biggest dumbasses!!

JB & Benny Blue Review 12-9-20

It’s the COVID Christmas Season and The Review is back with the gift of more audio dope for your listening pleasure! The boys are joined by KSRN Arizona/’s Sean McConnell aka the Special Birdgang Correspondent to discuss the Arizona Cardinals performance through three quarters of the 2020 NFL season by answering some burning questions about Kyler, Kliff, D-Hop, and how the organization can move the team into contention status. Plus, they break down the offseason moves of the Phoenix Suns and how the COVID affected season may work in their favor to make a run in the NBA Playoffs!

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