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Microphone Masters 4-30-20

Microphone Masters Radio Show #231 with J-Luv & Starr Saxxxon with special guest Casual. Being flexible is great characteristic. Jay and Saxxx sent the Bat signal to Casual and when he responded that required a pivot on the episode. On the heels of his release, Big Head Science, the dynamic duo connect with the #RapGod to discuss the math behind rhyme patterns, quality music and how top notch lyricists get better with time.


JB & Benny Blue Review 4-26-20

The Review’s Podcast Anniversary is here and to make it extra special, the Savage Duo of JB and Benny Blue are joined by their friends and streaming partners at KSRN Arizona/ for their live stream of the 2020 NFL Draft First Round! Money Makin’ Mitch, Javon “J-Luv” Adams, Earl “Kazual E” Burnett, and “Greasy” Sean McConnell join the panel to go in on some pre-draft questions as well as breakdown the final KSRN Mock Draft. Then, the boys break down each of the top 15 picks of the draft in realtime and talk a lil’ sh*t along the way!

JB & Benny Blue Review 4-12-20

Have you ever wanted to go back and slap the sh*t out of the GM of your favorite team for drafting (or not drafting) a player that ended up having an amazing career?! Well, The Review can relate, especially the 185th overall in the SIXTH round pick, 10 year NFL vet Jeremy Bridges! After a quick Quarantine check-in with our Special Boxing Correspondent and the Ultimate Savage™ Kevin Robinson, JB breaks down the NFL’s flawed evaluation process, how he fell to the sixth round, and where he believes he should have been selected. Then, the boys draw up their boards and re-select the top 15 picks of the 2003 NFL Draft!

JB & Benny Blue Review 4-7-20

The world is under Corona Virus Quarantine, so what better time than now to start The Review’s patented “Be Real With Your Grind™” Interview Series! On this episode, the boys talk to Jeremy Kenyel aka Jeremy Strong! They discuss his new music and creative process, his passion for dance and working with major stars like Jason DeRulo, and staying fit during these uncertain times. Finally, they wrap up by discussing his beloved Atlanta Falcons and the team’s outlook for the 2020 NFL Season!