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Kazual Sportz Show 11-13-20

The Kazual House on Friday night, “Calling up Earl on the car phone” Kazual talks NBA draft , Cardinals talk, and “McConnell in the closet” with Sean McConnell talking Cards vs Bills

JB & Benny Blue Review 11-11-20

The craziest Presidential election of all time is wrapping up (or is it?) and The Review is back to break down what happened, how it happened, and what Biden/Harris and The People need to do in order to make all the drama worth it in the end. Then, they are joined by the Special Birdgang Correspondent Sean McConnell (KSRN Arizona/Kazual Sportz) to break down the 2nd Quarter State of the Birdgang and discuss the Cardinals run to the top of the NFC West, defensive playmakers, upcoming schedule, and more!

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