ASU Football Not Interested in Winning the PAC 12 South

When a team that is suppose to be the front runner of the conference title comes off a bye week, the results should never look like the game we saw on Saturday afternoon at Sun Devils stadium.

What exactly was the focus during the bye week? that is the question personally to Head Coach Herm Edwards after a 34-21loss and the game was not even that close.

How much of this performance is a result of a team that has tuned out its Head Coach? Or how much of it is a result of the pressure of winning to overshadow an ugly looming investigation.

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The Sun Devils came out and commenced to sleep walk through the contest against the less talented Washington State Cougars.

How on earth does a team with so much to play for, put a performance like that on the schools home coming night? 

Were they over looking a school that all of the analysts have said they would automatically beat, expecting the Cougars to just hand them the next step to winning the Pac 12 South.

The Cougars may have taken this as disrespect, and playing under that narrative makes a team over achieve greatly, making it hard to match their fight.

Thats what it looked like on the field, after one of the worse starts in school history .

Turning the ball over, a dropped touchdown pass, and a negated Touchdown run from quarterback Jaden Daniels totaling for three quick scoring opportunities for Washington State.

In a blink of an eye the Devils were down 28-0, and showed very little energy to change the complexion of the game. 

That points to a clear lack of focus, and that starts with coaching.

Last week the Utah Utes gift wrapped the South for the Devils taking, and ASU said , No thank you, and gave it right back like a hot potato.

What is left to play for this season, as the chances of winning the south comes down to the up and down play of all the teams in a weak PAC 12 conference.

Therefore, are the Sun Devils chances really all gone, or is there some way that Utah will lose games they shouldn’t lose to return a favor down the stretch.

Or as a PAC 12 team , does it really matter? whom ever wins the South will only get the bragging rights and record book status, because this conference sure isn’t going anywhere near the College football playoff games.

But more likely to play in the under-achieving Bowl, played on Dec 1st at a local High School with no one even knowing the game is being played.

This could very well be the end for Coach Edwards and his staff as well, having grossly under achieved with a program that had so much potential talent thru recruiting the last few years.

Looming behind them an investigation that can run this program back into obscurity, and forcing all five star recruits to avoid the desert like a plague.

In the beginning, a promising season appeared that ASU would be able to close the gap between the PAC 12 and other power conferences, but after that stinker on homecoming shows us that the gap is more like an endless black hole.

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