Arizona Cardinals Get Media Attention they are Legit, 37-14 Back Wax of the Browns

What’s it going to take before the national media believe in the Arizona Cardinals undefeated record so far.

Even some of the local media have not jumped on board yet, Cardinal shows like “Bleav in the Arizona Cardinals” airs on the Bleav podcast Network hosted by Former NFL player Ed Smith and radio talent Javon Adams.

The show is a weekly show, and for the last few weeks they have chosen the opposite team playing the Redbirds.

Our own predictions early before the season started was 6-11 and Kliff Kingsbury fired before the team’s bye week.

Head Coach Kingsbury was not present in the game against the Cleveland Browns, but it was not from being fired, but for Covid protocols after testing positive during the week.The Cardinals have shown just how focused they are this season, not allowing all of the obstacles before the game and in-game to have an affect on their play.

Arizona came in with no coach and several key players out, including team pass rush leader Chandler Jones.

Cleveland Browns offense came in as a high scoring unit, and on paper this game was supposed to be a shoot out.

Butt the Cards complementary football team came in short handed, and simply put their adverse situation behind them and proceeded to pummel the Browns for four quarters.

If it were not for a lucky hail-mary before the half, the Cardinals defense would have held a good offense to only 7 points.

A 37-14 blowout was the finished result , and star quarterback Kyler Murray continues to lead his team no matter the situation.

Murray was 20/30 229 and 4 touchdowns, as he found his weapons all over the field throughout the day.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – OCTOBER 17: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns scrambles out of the pocket against J.J. Watt #99 of the Arizona Cardinals during the third quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium on October 17, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

The defense was lead by JJ Watt, who finally recorded his first sack as an Arizona Cardinal, gave Baker Mayfield fits all afternoon.

After the impressive win on the road for the fourth time this season thus far, I’m sure the national media’s thought process about the Cardinals will began to change.

It almost feels like no one wants this team to be as good as they truly are, before this game they continued to be ignored all over the air waves.

Does being the only undefeated team mean you’re the best team in the league?

Being atop the league in many categories on offense and defense, the numbers do not lie, this is a good team  and their opponents will have to beat them between the lines, because they have done a good job of not beating themselves.

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