ASU Football Offense May be Holding Back for Bigger Opponnents

Slow start to the ASU Sun Devils football team on the anniversary of nine eleven, where the stadium was decked out with the image of the twin towers behind the logo in the middle of the field. One of the best gestures I have seen across the league so far

The Devils continued where they had left off from last week’s tune-up game, with the mental errors and crucial drive killing mistakes. Although, they didn’t repeat the overwhelming penalty performance from last week, but its’s the focus on details that have to get better heading into stiffer competition.

Quarterback Jaden Daniels is off to a slow start with the passing attack, as he and his wide receivers continued to have chemistry issues in tonights game in the early moments.

The fabulous run game and great defense lead by Senior cornerback Chase Lucas number 24. Another great day at the office for Lucas and the secondary, along with the pass rush that totaled five sacks and many rushed pass attempts by UNLV’s quarterbacks.

Second half shut out and smothering defense was the key to the victory tonight, and the run game racked up another big night, gaining 290 yards amongst five players and 125 of that from quarterback Daniels.

The run game is sending a message to the conference that they will be hard to deal with, but the passing game is still a work in progress, or is it?

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After the game in the press conference I asked Head Coach Herm Edwards if he was holding back the game plan due to the first two opponents from an offensive standpoint. Coach said “we put in things necessary for the first two opponents” Herm went on to say, “But more is coming” as he shook his head up and down gesturing the yes wearing his bandit style mask across his face.

So maybe what we have seen so far from Daniels and the offense from a passing standpoint, has been scaled down as to not show their hand to the rest of the conference.

Giving Jaden and his wide receivers more time to get on the same page.

Next week is a road game at BYU, who has already beaten two Pac 12 teams and is undefeated on this short season so far.

This may be the game that will give us an idea exactly what this team will be going forward, a run team first and then play off that run success in the pass game late in games.

Truth be told, that is Herm Edwards football, NFL style of play with a power running game that sets up its dual threat quarterback.

Although it doesn’t look spectacular from the eye test watching the game, but Jaden had been efficient with the passing game taking what the defense gives him.

Tonight he finished 20-29 175 and 2 Touchdowns, and one interception that stopped the first drive of the game.

Quarterback rating was 135.5, which if you saw that number in the standings having not watched it on the field, you would think he lit it up out there.

Daniels and the offense will be patient and get their big plays off that dynamic running game that is starting to make some noise and get teams attention.

A 37-10 blowout that blew over in the second half, much like most expected it to be in the end.

The first two opponents were again much like tune-up games, the question will be id did they do what they were supposed to do for this team.

One thing is for certain, the defense has shown that it is ready to play conference games.  If they play with the confidence and swagger they have had in these first two games, this team is primed to go a long way.

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