The Resilient Suns Bounce Back (Talk After Game)

The Phoenix Suns are developing a culture that is centered around one word, and that “resilient” as Head Coach Monty Williams has said in every press conference.

So after that humiliating loss in the second half to the Brooklyn Nets three days ago, the Suns bounce back with an unbelievable 4th quarter to over take the New Orleans Pelicans.

Usually when a team starts a game with red hot shooting the first half they tend to fall off in the second half, much like the Suns verses the Nets earlier in the week.

The Suns outscored the Pelican 41-12 in the fourth quarter, lead by their floor general Chris Paul who finished with 19 assist in the contest, aided by the three-point shooting from Jae Crowder and Frank Kaminsky which combined for 11 out of 14 for the game.

The most exciting thing about this game was the stretch in the fourth where center DeAndre Ayton actually took over a game, scoring another double -double with 16 and 16. But it wasn’t the scoring and rebounds that were all that dramatical, but it was the timing of those numbers that tilted the balance of the game the Suns direction.

Listen to the guys after the game:

De’Andre Ayton another double- double verses the Pelicans
Chris Paul after Pelicans game

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