Two Pressures That will Determine Winner of Super Bowl 55

This is a quick preview of Super Bowl 55, not that we need another preview. In the midst of all the hoopla and many thoughts, there really isn’t much to add that hasn’t already been said but here we go anyway.

There are so many factors that go into the outcome of a Super Bowl match-up, from coaching to players, x’s and o’s, and more.

As spectators and analyst we dig into all of those parts of the game, but there are two areas that plays a big factor in every Super Bowl and they both have the same title. Pressure is the word, pressure of distractions and pass rush pressure.

These two elements will be huge in the outcome of this game as they have in so many other big games, the handling of these two pressure’s determine which team will raise the Lombardi trophy at the end of the big game.

The Chiefs will be the team this year with greater distraction to deal with, dealing with the strategic developments in regard to the car accident of coach Andy Reid’s son.

To block something that significant will be hard to do, but when the game starts coach Reid will probably go into his coaching comfort to help get his mind off of that extreme hard situation.

One could argue that this is a situation that most would probably have to miss the big game because first, the severity of it and second, it’s an immediate family member. Not only that, but for Coach Reid the second time having to deal with a very hard family situation.

Another distraction pressure that the Chiefs deal with is the new travel arrangements due to the Covid 19 pandemic, as they arrived for the biggest game of the season just a day before it is played. In a Normal situation the two teams would have been in the Super Bowl city a full week prior to the game.

Raymond J Stadium

There is really no distraction pressure for the Buccaneers in this case, they are enjoying the luxury of sleeping in their own beds and eating home cooked meals.

The Buccaneers as many know, are the first team inn Super Bowl history to be playing the game in their own stadium. Which probably could be some significant added pressure, or maybe it doesn’t matter seeing they will be the first regardless to win or lose in their own stadium.

But distraction pressure can aid in the outcome of the big game as we have seen throughout history, one comes to memory the exploits of Eugene Robinson the night before the game being cited for solicitation.

Distraction pressure is a major factor to the mindset of a team or an important individual to the cause, it can also control the performance of guys that have not been there before. Other things on the line under the pressure could be legacy’s on the line, and when the game gets close to its climax who will handle the moment the best.

This brings us to the other pressure element that these teams have to deal with is “pass rush pressure” and all it brings to the table.

Pass rush pressure can disrupt a supposed game plan, it can knock out key players, and of course cause turnovers that sway the outcome.

Both these teams in the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have quarterbacks that deal very good in the face of pressure.

Tom Brady of course has been in this game an incredible 10 times and there is probably no pressure that he hasn’t seen before, and we have seen Patrick Mahomes come back from 4th quarter deficits in the pressure moments of games.

The handling of this pressure will be where this game will be won !.

Which QB can handle the pass rush pressure the best, getting the ball to their weapons while under duress.

When you break it down, the best pass rush team is the Buccaneers, but the quarterback they are chasing is not a sitting target like Tom Brady will be against Chris Jones and the Chiefs pass rush.

Under pressure Patrick Mahomes becomes even more dangerous than he already is, as he gets outside the pocket and that’s when the big play magic happens and that neutralizes a defenses pass rush.

If the Cheifs pass rush can make it difficult for Tom Brady much like the Packers did forcing three interceptions, this will end up a Cheifs blowout for sure.

The Chiefs are a team you do not want to give extra possessions too in a big game, as they do not need short fields to score very quickly. Tom Brady is not the mobile guy that will extend plays outside the pocket, but he is the smart guy that know his own limitations and will neutralize a Chiefs rush with his favorite pass time, the dink-and-dunk pass.

Tom is notorious for getting the ball out fast and making short 2 to 5 yard passes his run game while avoiding pressure. The only question is will coach Bruce Arians have the resolve to stick with this form of game plan.

The dink and dunk can help keep Mahomes and company on the sideline and shorten the game which can only be helpful if you’re scoring touchdowns and not field goals. This is not Arians style as we all know he wants to see that ball in the air over the top more times than not, but a steady pass rush destroys that game plan and we have seen Brady struggle with pass rush lately.

That is our preview, which ever team will handle the pressure of the big game from two prospectives of the spectrum the best will win Super Bowl 55. 

The Super Bowl defending Champs Kansas City Chiefs have the two guys that excel during pressure moments, Patrick Mahomes and his ability to avoid pressure and make plays and his coach Andy Reid able to deal with personal adversity on a high scale.

Which means the Chiefs will win this game, final score 39-27.

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