The Valley of the Suns Great Anticipation for 2021 Season

The NBA schedule was released and for the first time in a long time the excitement around the Valley for the Phoenix Suns is high, free agent star power anticipation hasn’t been this hype since Charles Barkley.

The city awaits the first date to see its new improved Suns team take the court since that amazing eye opening run in the bubble last season.

The bubble run that got notoriety locally and nationally, but also seems to have made the Valley an attractive free agent magnet as well.

Star point guard Chris Paul was introduced to the Valley on Wednesday and it seems so much like a dream in the eyes of starving Suns fans craving for a winner for the last ten years.

Behind that big smile of CP3 is a dog mentality on the court, along with a high demand for excellence from teammates around him.

This is another fresh start for Paul on his fifth team in his 15 year career joining another young team, but the difference from the OKC Thunder team and this Suns group is more potential star power young players.

Devin Booker will gladly turn over the point guard duties full time to a guy that is one of the best team orchestrators in the current NBA.

Chris lead a young OKC team with less talent to the playoffs when it was unexpected that team would even be a .500 club in 2020 after the trade from the Houston Rockets.

Suns not only ad Paul as the teams new quarterback, but they have also added something even Chris Paul could not provide, and that’s the Finals experience of Jae Crowder from the Miami Heat.

Along with a plethora of new sharp shooters and a pretty good front court, this team will draw attention this year as they already have 13 televised games with only 37 revealed of the 2021 schedule. 

Anticipation of the 2021 season for the Phoenix Suns is at the highest its ever been, and for all the fans in the Valley that suffered through the very lean years can be assured that this isn’t the same old Suns at least on paper.

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