Cardinals in the Mix of the Uncertain NFC and Still Undefeated in the West

The Cardinals coming off the bye week to play at home against the uprising Miami Dolphins. After coming in as the favored, let one get away that could come back to hurt them the second half of the season.

Although the team took a hit in the standings dropping their third loss on the first half of the season, turns out it really didn’t hurt them as much as it appears.

The NFC has been a conference of good teams going up-and-down, leaving no clear cut consistent dominant team taking over the conference with the exception of the recent surge from the New Orlean Saints. It is certain that the NFC will have a new representative in the Super Bowl this year and it can be one of seven or eight teams in the race.

All of the playoff chasing teams including the Arizona Cardinals have all dropped games to teams that they were heavy favored’s to beat, now half way through the season its difficult to distinguish between the contenders and the pretenders.

One thing the Cardinals have going in their favor even after a loss to Miami, the team is still undefeated in the NFC west division at 2-0, as the Seahawks were embarrassed by the Cardinals next opponent the Buffalo Bills this week.

The NFC west has a match-up this weekend as the Seahawks travel to Los Angeles to play the Rams, whom are coming off its own embarrassing loss to the same Dolphins that pulled off the close upset 34-31 over the Cardinals.

The NFC west match-up this week will leave one of the teams with another loss in the division, for the Cardinals sake, they’d probably hope it to be the Seahawks, in which they would gain ground with a chance to pull to a first place tie should they beat the Bills on Sunday.

This NFC will be a log jam all the way to the finish line, to be above .500 the second half  of the season will prove vital to get a position in the playoffs.

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