Arizona Cardinals Mindset After COVID Scare of Jets Player

The last two weeks for the Arizona Cardinals have been very lackluster performances, verses very mediocre talented teams and the question is starting to form as to what is this team’s identity four weeks into the season.

The NFL canceled all pre-season games, therefore the first four regular-season games in some way have been played as though they were pre-season games and give a team time to figure out their identity.

Teams have taken dramatic changes over the course of these four weeks.

We have seen the Kansas City Chiefs defense in the first two games look horrific and could not stop anyone, then the last two weeks they look very dominant and added an element that makes them almost unbeatable.

That brings the question concerning this Cardinals team.

After a great 2-0 start and beating a powerhouse San Francisco 49ers team, are the Cardinals the team we saw in the first two games, or are they more the team we saw the last two weeks?.

The game versus a terrible in all categories New York Jets team will tell us exactly where this team is and if they are real or fake as it pertains to contenders.

The Jets rank last in almost every statistical category and they give up a lot of both passing and running yards s a result.

There can only be one outcome to this game for the Redbirds to show that they just had a slip-up and may have simply looked passed a few teams that they think they are better than.

The outcome must be a convincing one.

The Jets having a false positive COVID 19 test break out right before the team was scheduled to travel, turned out to be a false alarm and the team remained on its planned schedule to New York.

The mindset has to be focused, seeing that they will not be facing the shaky Sam Darnold at quarterback, but the proven super bowl winning Joe Flacco whom will not be as fooled on defense as Darnold has been.

The Cardinals did not need any other distractions that would play as an excuse to lose to the lowly Jets, as it seems that they have fallen to the curse of the east coast time zone games and they just allow that curse to lead their attitude and performance.

Coach Kliff Kingsbury has yet to get the weapons on his team used in such a way that they are the dominant offense that was expected coming into this season.

The use of his weapons is either lacking or being used improperly, leaving the offense predictable and able to defend easily because all of the play calls are going more side to side rather than vertical.

Kingsbury seems a little impatient in his play-calling, not allowing the build-up to big plays to happen through a power run scheme like it looked the second half of last year’s season with Kenyon Drake.

The Cardinals cannot continue to lose to teams that they should beat, as their remaining schedule is brutally filled with teams fighting for division titles to get into the playoffs.

The NFC West division coming into this season was said to be the toughest division with all four teams good enough to make a playoff run, but it has been altered by an injured 49ers team, an unknown Rams squad, this up and down Cardinals team, and seemingly one true dominant team in the Seattle Seahawks.

The period that took place of the pre-season missed games is over and the real grind to contend for the division starts this week, this Cardinals team need to have an impressive showing to the inferior Jets team leaving no questions at all if they are real or fake.

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