Superstar Athletes Have Power to Make Change, Are They Using it?

 The bubble in Orlando Florida has been historic in several ways, through a worldwide pandemic this one stop destination has allowed the world to have its NBA basketball thru the risk of Covid 19.

The procedures of testing and social distancing among teams has not allowed one case of the virus among 350 plus players, not to mention some of their love ones along with coaches and staff.

Through the pandemic there has been two major killings of African American men unjustly, killings that have changed the mindset and purpose of the bubble from basketball to social injustice matters for the black race.

The NBA has done a great job in allowing basketball to finish its season, but also has done a good job at allowing the message of “Black lives matter” to gain ground in society.

The question now stands, how important is change? and does it come at any cost? and is there a limit on how far one would go to make actual change for a race that has been treated unfairly for over 400 years.

This is as far as the black community has come to being heard since the days of marching behind Dr. King, and the entire world can start to hear their voices ring out for justice.

If Doctor King were alive he would be very proud, but not only that he would reiterate to these athletes of all colors that their voices are making a difference. He would remind them they must use every opportunity that is afforded them, and not allowing any chance to make change slip through the cracks.

Change will take slow methodical movements, and no opportunity is deemed too small to further along this important movement.

This is why it was so vitally important for two super star players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to help move the needle upward just a little more to change the order of things as it pertains to racial equality.

Let’s be perfectly clear, this matter of BLM is not only exclusive to police brutality, it is to make change in all things that all men are created equal and should be treated as such.

In this fight everything matters,, and when the movement has any opportunity to get stronger it has to be seized and applied accordingly.

People of power in high places make all the decisions as to what is fair and right, and when the black race has that power in their hands they must act and must not leave any stone unturned to further move along this movement.

Being a super star in the sports world has become an even more powerful platform, like its never been before.

Athletes that have the power to change a coach or players coming and going from a team, the power to go to any team they want at any time without being bound to a contract.

That power to make change from the sports world has become the avenue and vehicle to get the voices crying out from the wilderness from years past, to finally be heard and acted upon for the future.

So this is bigger than basketball, and when there are super star players in power to make change and they think of theirselves and their own basketball legacy, then they have failed an entire race to do all that is necessary to move along this all important movement.

Was it wrong for two super stars to sign off on the hiring of a coach with no coaching experience and a big name in-and- around the league? the answer of course is absolutely NOT.

But during a civil rights type movement is it wrong for two Black super stars to not use that power to further along the movement by forcing their hand to at least have his own kind interviewed for that position, I say yes, that is wrong.

Every opportunity that the black race has must be used to help make this change, otherwise what is all this BLM movement for to began with if you’re not totally all in the fight.

These two super stars dropped the ball, and turned it over to the opposition and made the fight in equality for blacks in the work place that much tougher to overcome.

This is bigger than basketball, the power these players have is power the black race has not had before, and every opportunity must be seized and taken advantage of for the purpose of the movement.

These are words that I am sure would echo from Dr. Kings mouth if he were here today, and he would certainly not allow the silencing of a black reporter using his power in the media to take a stand on the truth.

It was the duty of those two African American super stars to use their power to allow black coaches to at least be considered or interviewed for the job in Brooklyn and they failed to do so.

The more things try and change the more they keep staying the same, the black race must break the slave master mentality and step forward and be counted and not be silent.

That “shut up and dribble” comes to life when the rubber meets the road, that’s what these two guys did, they just shut up and dribbled.

There is a saying from a hero movie that is very popular, and it says “with great power come great responsibility” black super stars in sports have this power and if used properly can began to make serious change from this mindset of having a supposed superior race control everything.

To make real change, all ethnicities need to do their due diligence, and all of us believing that all lives cannot matter until ALL lives actually matter.

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