Powerful Photoshop Photo Shows Legend’s Endorsement Come True

This photo was photoshoped by one of the best photographers in the Valley of the Sun. Mike Yduarte, a long time freelance photojournalist in Phoenix Arizona.

Mike has been telling stories through photography for well over 10 years, and gets personal request from players from the local professional sports teams for his creative work.

The story of his latest photo that has been blowing up on social media, a story that was prophesied years ago by the late great legend Kobe Bryant.

This story goes back in a young kids life aspired to be like his idol one day, where he like his idol would be on the big basketball stage with the ball in his hands taking the last shot to win a game.

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant, but little did he know that his idol would one day endorse him as one of the games next greats to carry on the league.

Bryant had an 81 point explosion back in 2006, which was also the inspiration that sparked the young Bookers 70 point game some 11 years later.

Then Booker gets a tweet from the Legend himself after that memorable game:

Dreams do come true, and for Devin Booker the ultimate proof took place after Bryant’s stop in Phoenix during his retirement tour.
Kobe went out of his way to show his appreciation for a young talent and perhaps saw something in Booker that most of us didn’t see, the mamba mentality like killer instinct.

The legend signed a pair of his shoes with his autograph and a personal inscription that read “To Book, Be Legendary, Kobe 24” on the right shoe, and “To the young one, Kobe 24” on the left one.

After Bryant’s untimely tragic death in a helicopter accident that claimed his young daughter Gigi’s life and seven others, Booker has put the inscription “ be legendary”on all of the shoes he wears going into game battle.

Forever knowing that Kobe is with him during moments like these. In fact, this is not the first game winning shot of Devin Bookers career, but it is probably the most significant one.

The biggest moments in games is where Kobe Bryant excelled the most on the hardwood, and only a few up and coming talents including Devin Booker have shown this same trait. When you relish the moment of the greatest pressure and stand confidently and deliver, that is the mamba mentality.

The foot work and calculated strategy of the final shot D-Book took in the final moment of the game vs the Clippers, appeared as though he was in the backyard calling out the count down of the clock before he drains the dramatic game winner.

Of course at the end of that shot he yells his idols name “KOBE !”

The mamba would be proud, and the story in this photo by Mike shows the culmination of a legends prophecy come true.

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