Phoenix Mercury Optimistic with Team Chemistry as Season Gets Underway

The WNBA season is getting under way for the Phoenix Mercury on Saturday and the opponent out of the gate is a tough one, the Los Angeles Sparks are the first test of the newly structured Mercury after adding star guard Skylar Diggings-Smith.

In this world of Covid 19 and a shortened season coming up the Mercury have no time to come out of the gate with team chemistry struggling, as the team incorporates the new pieces both Skylar and Kia Vaughn are very optimistic that the team will gel sooner than later.

Diggings and the rest of the Mercury are excited to get at this season and feel they will be a good team, when asked how they think they will match up to the Sparks Both Diggings-Smith and Vaughns reply:

There are other challenges that all of the teams will face going into this not so normal season dealing with the pandemic, and the players are expressing what they anticipate going in. We asked kia Vaughn has she prepared herself mentally for the atmosphere of playing with no fans in the seats and she smiled and said 

“Hey I played in gams like that overseas so I know what it feels like, but when that game starts we we are focused on our assignments and that will help” 

Of course there is no secrete where the world is and athletes taking their stand on social issues and Diggings-Smith when asked about the letter that she sent to the attorney general, in situations in the past where most players would not disclose that form of information she kindly responded:

Team Chemistry is not to be overlooked, usual when new players come together it takes a while for them to learn each other and gel as a unit, and this is no different but Head Coach Sandra Brondello is very encouraged and seems to think this team will speed up that process and hopefully come out fast:

This should be a very interesting shorten season, and teams will have to get off to great starts to have a chance to make the playoffs.

As for the Mercury they are trying to finally get out of making that 5-8 seed in the playoffs, and with the talent they have on the current roster their goal is to get seed one or two with having only two series to make the Finals and win another title.


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