Testing Starts Right Out The Gate for Arizona Cardinals in 2020

The Arizona Cardinals 2020 regular season schedule will be a very big test to see how far the team has come, and if all the fabulous moves in the off-season can pay off and yield a winning campaign.

The test begins right away in the California sun of Santa Clara at Levi Stadium, as the San Fransisco 49ers coming off a super bowl appearance as runner up will look to silence the talk of how well the Cardinals played them close last year.

Many question swirl around the pandemic of cover 19 and will there be an actual game in California, as the State has declared it will not fill its stadiums with mass crowds until a vaccine is in place.


If they hold to that, and the word is that a vaccine could be almost a year away that would almost guarantee the Cardinals will not have to play the road game in Levi Stadium.

In fact, its been a rumor that the 49ers could possibly play their home games in Glendale sharing a stadium with their division foes. As the schedule shows no conflicts even if both teams have a game the same week. The 9ers have a Thursday night home game the same week the Cards would host the ninth game of the season that Sunday.

If that should take place, that would give the Cardinals two home games that their original schedule did not reflect before Covid 19.

One game was cancelled in Mexico City and now a possible 49ers game, now a total of nine potential home games for the season.

Advantage Cardinals? or is it an advantage at all considering the cover 19 circumstances as games can still potential be played without fans.

Whats a home field advantage without fans, its like mac without the cheese they go hand and hand.

The Bay area team coming back off the Super Bowl appearance facing the all to known “Super-bowl layover”, adding also that they lost a few key pieces to that team and may have come back to the pack a little in the process.

Cardinals off season was pretty productive and has gotten a lot of hype about maybe being that worse to first team of the year, but can they put the pieces together well enough to close the gap and challenge for the division.

Anything is possible as the Redbirds first round pick looks more like a sure thing than the past failed first rounders outside of overall 2019 pick Kyler Murray.

Isaiah Simmons could be the “X-factor” on the defensive side of the ball to follow the position that has plagued them all last year in the tight end spot, for certain George Kittle will be a tall task for the rookie in week one right out of the gate.

If the versatile rookie is as dynamic as he looks on college tape, his athleticism and skills alone will allow him to make plays without being experienced.

 This game can set the tone for the entire season, if the Cardinals can pull off the upset this could potential be an undefeated start until they face the next potential playoff opponent in week six.

The Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football will be very exciting to watch, as two young gun quarterbacks with dynamic wide receivers will make for a very entertaining game.

Overall the schedule for the Redbirds is favorable early and gets tough after the mid-season bye week, but at least the opponent out of the break is the Miami Dolphins and former Cardinals first round pick Josh Rosen.

Although Rosen may not be the Q at the helm, it should not matter as the Dolphins have had many issues covering wide receivers and Hopkins and company will be a taller task they can handle.

Predictions really mean nothing as these games on the new schedule have to be played out on the grid-iron, but could be played in empty stadiums, making these games look like glorified practices that count in the standings.

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