Arizona Cardinals Steve Keim Erasing Bad Vibes with Fanbase After Brilliant Off-Season

The Arizona Cardinals clearly have had an amazing off-season so far, and through the first three rounds of the NFL Draft are continuing to knock it out the box.

General Manager Steve Keim in one off-season has erased all of the bad blood between its fanbase and media, who one year ago was calling for his job because of the inconsistent moves that appeared to set the team back.

The 2019 Draft was a complete reset after taking what seemed to be their franchise quarterback Josh Rosen at number 10, and dumping that plan and taking Kyler Murray number one overall the next year.

The 2019 Cardinals were nowhere near what the regime was envisioning them to be, as far as having the personnel to run first year Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s offensive system.

Early in the year the system failed to operate the way it should, as that forced the team to adjust and go to a more run heavier offense that brought some success.

Many questions are looming that the team is gearing up to give the original offense a try again, personnel has improved dramatically and it will be interesting to see how this offense really looks like and can it last in the NFL.

Then the biggest trade goes down, a one sided trade that landed the redbirds one of the best wide receivers  in the league in Deandre Hopkins.

Hopkins will be used in many ways with his talent on the field, he has great hands and can track the ball and simply go get it. His best attribute in this offense may be the decoy factor, as teams will no doubt roll coverage to take him out of a game leaving talent in space to free up in one-on one coverage including quarterback Kyler Murray in RPO’s.

Now the 2020 Draft yielded the best versatile defensive player in the draft, the young explosive Isaiah Simmons from Clemson.

The profile on this kid is amazing as he played three full years in college under Dabo Swinney, and has gotten better and better each season leading unto his declaring the draft.

Standing at 230 pounds and 6’4 with a seven foot reach, Simmons is a swiss army knife on the field with relentless energy and speed to cover a football field from many angles and positions.

Underrated in the run game as many analyst have put out, but after watching closely the tape he finds his way into the back field  disrupting many plays.


The Cardinals have struggled in stopping the tight end position, giving up 100 yard days like they were going out of style.

Not to mention the touchdowns to even mediocre tight ends, and it never got better during the course of a full season.

Simmons will also aid the Redbirds in another area they struggled in, the screen game defensively.

This team can’t stop a screen because it lacked the players that were able to first recognize its coming by anticipation, then also lacked the speed at linebacker to be able to run sideline to sideline to disrupt a screen play.

The Cards new multi tasked machine will be able to sure up a multitude of defensive issues from his presence alone from day one of the season.

Instant production from a rookie standpoint, Simmons will make plays on pure talent his first year or two in the league and then become the unstoppable force after gaining knowledge and experience in a NFL defense.

This move is far from the previous moves of this organization in the first rounds of many drafts, and perhaps the uncertain times of Covid 19 has helped the over thinking in the selection process.

Now all that is left is getting their new team on the field together, and right now we do not know if that will be possible this season or not but the Arizona fanbase is overly excited and hearing the hype of their team being the next worse to first team in the NFL.

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