Realistically the NFL Draft Could be Last Sporting Event of 2020

The NFL Draft for 2020 is still on schedule to take place on its original scheduled date thanks to Commissioner Rodger Goodell, in the wake of the pandemic of the coronavirus many think that the draft should be postponed along with all the other sports in America.

Yes going on with the draft on schedule will give football fans something to look forward too, and almost give the sports world a distraction from the horrible reality that is coronavirus and social distancing.

Holding the draft virtually adheres to the social distancing law mandated from State to State and keeps the NFL on its original schedule thus far. The big question looms for Rodger Goodell is what will happen after the draft is completed going forward as a league?

The world is far away from getting back to normal, and seeing sports return in any capacity does not seem to be very realistic.

At some point the NFL will have to get on the same page as the other sports and completely shutdown the league until it’s entirely safe to return to grouping events and the virus being under social control.

The sport of Football would probably be the most difficult sport to deal with social distancing, seeing that the sport has the biggest roster and staff of any other sport making it almost impossible to play in the world of coronavirus.

The prospects that are being drafted, will they be able to have a rookie camp, OTA, or workout with teammates to be prepared for an upcoming season? that is highly unlikely to happen on the schedule the NFL adheres to on a year by year basis. Therefore the last football activity that can be done thru social distancing is this highly anticipated virtual draft coming up mid April.

Its only common sense to think that the only way to get back to some form of normal in a sports world that requires close human contact would be a vaccine. 

This is the only way the threat of dying from this virus is taking out of the equation making humanity more inclined to be around each other again, and continue sports as close to normal as possible. 

So when will sports return? well, when you put two-and two together it only makes sense to say that the world is about 12-18 months away from a vaccine that controls this thing, so its only right to believe the realistic return of sports will be some time in 2021. 

Leagues trying to find ways to return before a vaccine seems far fetched and unrealistic to the protection of the athletes and their families. 

Sad to say, but truly the cancellation of all sports until 2021 looks more and more like the reality we are facing as sports fans living in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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