Two Cardinals Stars,One Could be Looking at his Future Replacement after the Draft

The draft going virtual as everything else in todays world, the Arizona Cardinals have plenty of choices with their pick at number eight.

This could be the draft that replaces one of the two Cardinals legends for the future, as both players future situations may lead to their Cardinals days being numbered at some point.

Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson are the final star players from era’s before the Kingsbury era, and the team will have to be looking ahead at some point for their replacements.


The big questions is which one do you chose to replace first with your draft pick this year? 

The draft order of course will dictate this outcome, of the teams choosing before the Cards there is a good chance that three of those teams are Quarterback hungry.

That leaves four teams to chose between six can’t miss dynamic players that are all the best at their respective positions.

Chase Young the best edge rusher is on another level, and if there was no QB thirsty team picking first he would easily be the number one pick.

Isaiah Simmons way too versatile and the best linebacker in the draft and proved it at the combine and his stock is too high right now to fall in this draft.

Derrick Brown by far the best inside player can be the best run stopper and way to athletic for his size to pass up on.

Jeff Okudah is by far the best Cornerback in the draft and is for certain to be the next player coming into the league to join that brotherhood of the shut down corners.

Jedrick Wills is the best offensive lineman because he is solid in both blocking aspects, although Wirfs is very big and athletic he lacks the intensity it takes to be a dog dominate player right out the gate. Wills will be an instant impact and he is a dog beast with great hands and feet.

Jerry Jeudy and Ceedee Lamb are the best wide receivers in the draft 1A and 1B counting as one, and the WR”s pool is so deep in this draft its highly likely the best WR may not come off the board until after the first 10 picks. But the position will still be amongst the best remaining after the quarterbacks are gone. 

So if you’re the Cardinals at eight, four of these guys will be gone at your pick, and leaves you looking at two of the best at their position available with both position of WR and CB sitting there to be had.

After the team’s moves in free agency and via trade the Cardinals are not really pressed or desperate at any position, so General Manger Steve Keim and company have good choices including trading up or down, or replacing one of the two legends for the future.

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Larry Fitzgerald may have one or two season left and the Cards can add another dynamic weapon to pair with Deandre Hopkins with Ceedee Lamb.

Also the future of star CB Patrick Peterson after next season may be up in the air and he may look to test the market, the team can look to the future and take the best DB in the draft if he is available.

Both of the Cardinals star players are costing a hefty number against your cap in 2021 and by adding a rookie in 2020 to replace one of them, you will get a huge discount rate on a very good future replacement going forward.

One thing is certain, the Cardinals will lose both these legends in the next few years and their respective positions are important to the grand scheme of building a winner.

So one has to have his replacement on the roster this season, so they can be groomed by his respective veteran for a full year and take over the reins.

This decision is very hard to make and the way the league is built, it is easy to assume that defense needs to be sured up before wide receiver.

The Cardinals will probably take Jeff Okudah if he happens to drop and remain on the board, let’s not forget that most of the GM’s of teams are persuaded highly by what happens in the combine and Okudah really didn’t have a good showing and could drop.

The potential star Corner Okudah appeared very nervous at the combine, as he was so tight and stiff he was a bit erratic and out of control causing himself to sustain a slight concussion that stopped his combine.  On top of that, most of the scouts were expecting a 40 time faster than 4.48 according to “The Athletic”.

Furthermore, Patrick Peterson’s potentially testing the market in 2021 may be more realistic than not and the team will probably make the business decision to have a rookie in the wings that has a comp to the guy walking out the door in a year.

Cardinals two choices in 2020 draft: Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah or Oklahoma Wide receiver Ceedee Lamb.

Of course this can be disrupted should the Redskins,Lions, Giants, or Panthers take Okudah off the board before the Cards pick at eight.


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