Arizona Cardinals Pull Off the Biggest Heist During Free Agency Tampering Period

The word “trade” in the Webster dictionary says :

“involves the transfer of goods or services from one person or entity to another, often in exchange for equal value.”

So, what do you call the transaction on free agency tampering day between the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals? by definition its looks the more appropriate is word is “swindle” .

To swindle someone the simple definition: “a kind of fraud” now this definition fits the happenings in this deal, and the question is what was the Texans Bill O’Brien thinking to get swindled by Steve Keim and the Cardinals.

The deal sends pro bowl wide receiver Deandre Hopkins to the Cardinals for David Johnson and a second round pick this year and a fourth round pick next year.

The Cardinals also get a fourth rounder this year, so where is the deal as these two teams just swapped players from a salary standpoint.

The Cardinals are clearly the winners in this trade, as they have been linked to the draft with a wide receiver at number eight in the 2020 draft.

CeeDee Lamb was the young potential star that was projected the Redbirds would snatch in the draft, todays transaction may have put that to rest as the Cardinals get arguably the best receiver in the game at 27 years of age in his prime years.

Hopkins as a Texan recorded 1048 receptions 8,000 plus yards and 54 touchdowns.

So where did all of this start? reports are that Hopkins and O’briens relationship had soured due to the start receiver getting excused from practices and other things that were kept in house and now have come to a climax with O’Brien just looking for the first deal to get the receiver out of Houston.

The Texans were a playoff team last year and possibly a few pieces away on defense and offense from getting over the next hump, and now its safe to say they are starting a rebuild.

For the Arizona cardinals this puts them in the next level status, and clearly can be in contention for division title and a playoff run in 2020.

The Cardinals also transition tagged running-back Kenyon Drake, meaning now they will have the opportunity to turn down or match any offer Drake receives from teams that are interested in his services.

Drakes value takes a big hit with this tag, as the Cards probably will scare off most buyers because after the Hopkins trade dumping the David Johnson contract the team will have the cap space to match any deal that is within the worth of the running-back.

The NFL so far is on schedule with all of its off-season activity through all the turmoil of the Coronavirus throughout the world of sports, and Cardinals fans looks forward to see Deandre Hopkins line up on other side of legend Larry Fitzgerald.
The defense backs in the NFC West will now have to deal with Hopkins twice a year and the Cardinals Patrick Peterson has to be elated that he doesn’t have to get burned any longer during a live game, but he will have his blades sharpened on a daily adding this task with Fitzgerald on the other.


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