Suns Cant Beat Pistons On Must Win Homestand

The Phoenix Suns started a two game winning streak after the All-Star game taking this opportunity to show doubters what the Suns could have been if they weren’t riddled with injury all year.  Beating the Chicago Bulls in Chicago and dismantling the Utah Jazz, a playoff team by 20 points. During the Utah game, Kelly Oubre Jr. injured his meniscus and is looking for a second opinion and will more than likely be out the remainder of the season. 

After the two game winning streak, the city of Phoenix will host six games at home which would be an amazing opportunity to show the fans they can be playoff hopefuls. The first game of six was against the Clippers, arguably the most talented roster from top to bottom so that was a long shot, and no one can blame them for that loss.  The Suns always have the excuse that they are injury plagued, last night they played another team that’s injury plagued and lost.

Last night the Suns faced the Detroit Pistons in Phoenix.  The Pistons have only twenty wins and two of them are against Phoenix.  The Pistons are not a star heavy team, with the biggest star being Blake Griffin, but even he is out right now.  Detroit leaned heavily on Derrick Rose, Christian Wood, and Brandon Knight, which is not a formula for success unless it’s against Phoenix. 

Everytime Planet Orange receives the perfect opportunity to prove to fans they can earn a playoff spot they squander away that opportunity. Ricky Rubio recorded sixteen points and thirteen rebounds, Devin Booker recorded 26 points, and Ayton recorded twenty points and ten rebounds. 

As great as the stats appear, this continues to be purgatory; great stats by the big three that doesn’t result in wins. With the most recent loss for Phoenix losing by two points at 113-111. As a team the Suns shot an astounding 60% from the field, but you have no shot at winning when you allow 48% shooting on 90 shots.  This roster needs either a top tier defensive player, or a true difference maker, and until that happens Suns will struggle to win 30 games every year.


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