Kelly Oubre Intensity Boost the Suns to Their First Win After the Break

The majority of the Phoenix Suns players took February 13th through February 20th to rest due to the all-star weekend.  Devin Booker was the exception and participated in the All-Star activities. The first game back for the Suns was a monumentally difficult task for them against the Raptors; they ultimately fell 101-118. 

Yesterday the difficulty level was much lower while opposing the Coby White led Chicago Bulls. Although the Bulls are far less intimidating than the Toronto Raptors, Phoenix was down at halftime and may have finally found the voice of their team.

Kelly Oubre Jr. had some choice words at halftime as they were losing to a team with only nineteen wins. Kelly recalled, “Excuse my french, I said they’re playing harder than us. We need this game more than they do and it’s not looking like it. Turn it up. Step it up. Hit first, and stop playing like a bunch of (expletive) is pretty much what I said.” 

The Suns have needed someone to call them out when they play poorly all season long, and Oubre Jr. has finally decided he’s the guy for that job. In turn, Deandre Ayton was only two points and one rebound away from thirty points and twenty rebounds for the second time in his career. Devin Booker scored twenty nine points which is amazingly becoming the norm for him. 

The important attribute that came from the halftime speech was defense, Planet Orange only allowed 104 points compared to Friday’s performance allowing 118 points. Although playoffs are very unlikely for fans in Phoenix this year, the players need to continue playing their hardest to give fans hope for the future. Talking Stick Arena did not host a playoff game at all this previous decade, so bringing hope to fans will be no easy task.

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