Arizona Cardinals Signed One DJ to a New Deal

Arizona Cardinals fans can rejoice in the fact DJ Humphries has been signed for the next three years, a 45 million dollar contract with 29 guaranteed.   Fans rejoicing can only last a short time though, they still have a lot of problems with their team. Arizona is in need of an edge rusher as they are way too reliant on Chandler Jones on the line. 

They are also in need of a Cornerback. Even considering the return of Patrick Peterson, Byron Murphy is not the player they were hoping to get. An Interior offensive line is needed; the Cardinals need to continue to bolster their line to protect Kyler Murray.  An effective tight end would definitely help.

The Cardinals have seven tight ends and none of them are worth their weight in potatoes when it comes to blocking. Safety is not a must move, but improving safety play if possible is always smart. Finally, the Red Sea fans won’t like this but, this team needs another wide receiver.  Larry Fitzgerald is aging and Christian Kirk should be the third option on a team. What can the Cardinals do?


  1. With DJ Humphries and Larry Fitzgerald already signed, the Cardinals have 36.4 million dollars to play with this year.  They have the money to sign a great tight end such as Hunter Henry for approximately nine million. There is also money left to sign an edge rusher such as Ezekiel Ansah.
  2. Next the Cardinals will need to draft winners this year and multiple winners.  With the eighth pick in the draft, fans want wide receiver Cee Dee Lam; however, drafting a wide receiver for a team with so many needs does not make sense.  A great alternative is to trade the first round pick and slide back a couple spots and pick up an offensive tackle like Jedrick Wills from Alabama. In turn, Cameron Dantzler would become the second round pick filling in as cornerback from Mississippi State.  Cameron Dantzzler has the potential of becoming a shutdown corner against the number two cornerback, helping Patrick Peterson immensely.
  3. With the extra picks generated from trading down in the first round, Red Sea fans can finally feel confident that they are receiving talented players that fit in Kliff Kingsbury system.


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