5 Reasons Why The Phoenix Suns Made No Moves at the Trade Deadline

The Phoenix Suns have been rumored to trade for Karl Anthony Towns, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, and more.  There are a plethora of reasons the Phoenix Suns won’t make a trade, but here are five reasons they should not.


  1.  What possible value could the Suns receive from their roster?  The Phoenix Suns are not going to trade Devin Booker, so the only two players available for trade are Deandre Ayton and Kelly Oubre Jr.  The Phoenix Suns could gain value from Ricky Rubio but then the Suns are back to mediocre at best Point Guard player. Aaron Gordon started the year hot but lately he has regressed to average.  If you upgrade from Deandre Ayton, the trade would have to be for Karl Anthony Towns. That would cost you Deandre Ayton, another player, and a first round pick, which brings up my second point.
  2. The Phoenix Suns only have one draft pick this year.  The Phoenix Suns gave away their second round pick to get rid of Josh Jackson and do a salary dump over the off-season.  Which means if the Phoenix Suns decide to trade away a couple players and a first round pick, they have no draft picks to get another young key player for the roster.  This could mean selling this season, or keeping the current roster which makes the most sense.
  3. For the first time the Suns have salary flexibility.  With the current roster, leading into the offseason, the Suns will have 51.5 million dollars in cap space.  A max contract will cost the Suns 35.6 million dollars leaving 16 million dollars to either bolster the bench or buy another starting piece.  If the Suns trade for a player now with a max contract, it will cost multiple first round picks and 35 million dollars, and will be stuck eating a year of their contract.
  4. No trades make sense right now.  There is no trade in the NBA that will make the Suns a powerhouse.  The Suns currently have twenty wins and thirty one losses and are 12th in the Western Conference. 
  5. Kelly Oubre Jr. is the only trade that almost makes sense if it is for draft picks.  The problem remains, if they trade Kelly Oubre Jr. for draft picks, then the fans will turn against the Suns for blatantly selling the season away.  


The Phoenix Suns just need to wait until the off-season to look at the free agency market to find 2 or 3 players that will work great with Devin Booker.  The Phoenix Suns have proven players no longer want to play here so they need to spend up for players to finally make the playoffs.


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