Phoenix Suns Drop Back To Back On The Road

The Phoenix Suns had the seemingly impossible task to go into Milwaukee and beat the Bucks.  The Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the NBA with 42 wins and 7 losses. Whereas the Phoenix Suns have the nineteenth best record in the NBA with twenty wins and twenty nine losses. 

The Phoenix Suns lost 128-109 in a valiant effort, but early on the task was too much to conquer. Today the Phoenix Suns played in Brooklyn and beat a hurt Brooklyn Nets team. Kyrie Irving is currently out right now for the Nets with a torn medial ligament and will be fortunate to be back before the all star game.  All star Kevin Durant is out the entire season since his injury last year in the championships, so this should be a slam dunk game for the Suns.

However, the Nets had something else to say about that. The Brooklyn Nets now have twenty two wins, and twenty seven losses, compared to the Suns twenty wins and thirty losses.

The Suns game was competitive, which is fantastic; however the Suns are losing more winnable games than they are winning.  The Phoenix Suns inconsistency on defense is a call of concern allowing a starless Brooklyn Nets team to score 119 points.

The Phoenix Suns started off lacking aggression on defense allowing 35 points in the first quarter alone, and 55 points in the first half, and they found a way to get worse!  Allowing 64 points in the second half is unacceptable. Especially when the Suns can’t find a way to even score 100 points.

Deandre Ayton still has not learned the art of being aggressive. Instead of standing a player straight up and defending a shot, he moves to the side and lets him score.  Instead of Ayton slam dunking a ball when he gets fouled, it turns into a missed layup attempt.

Monty Williams either can’t get through to Ayton and make him more aggressive, or Deandre Ayton doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body.  Deandre Ayton can continue to post double-double stats every game because of natural talent, but he won’t unlock his true potential and help the Suns go to the playoffs.

Statistically he played great with 17 rebounds and 25 points, especially with Devin Booker not being effective offensively.  After Devin Booker has been on fire for the last few weeks, the Nets were able to extinguish him. At the beginning of the second half of play, Devin Booker only earned six points, and only posted 11 points. Kelly Oubre Jr. continues to prove that he is the second option on the Suns team. Kelly Oubre Jr. had a great night with 21 points.

Fans are getting restless with the Phoenix Suns team.  The team that the Phoenix Suns have put together should be better than they are right now. It appears that players do not trust each other, don’t understand their roles, or are not growing and  improving as players. Coach Monty Williams needs to pinpoint the issue and quick.

The Phoenix Suns have bigger players than the Nets, yet they were out rebounded. The Suns have a better point guard, yet lost the turnover battle and had more points in the paint.  A team can not lose these battles especially to a less talented team and expect to make the playoffs.

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