Phoenix Suns Devin Booker Loses in the Popularity Contest Known as the All-Star Game

The voting for the NBA All-Star reserves came out today on this Thursdays January 30th, and the Phoenix Suns fans are disappointed again as their beloved Guard Devin Booker gets snubbed another year of making this popularity contest.

What makes one popular in the NBA is the question, and one would say wins and losses and others lean toward consistent numbers but the main avenue to show ones popularity would be from the fans or the public.

What more does Booker have to do to get recognized in this popularity contest, as it’s obvious amongst his peers he is worthy of a bid in this game.

This year is more of a snub than the previous years, the NBA has declared Booker not popular enough to draw fans worldwide and the final votes came from the coaches around the league.

The reserve list for the Western Conference: Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Nikola Jokic, Rudy GobertBrandon Ingram, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook.

Looking at this list it looks like the final spots came down to Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook or Devin Booker, and Booker losses out simply because his name has not done enough in the popularity department which boils down to playoff games and wins.

So why did Brandon Ingram get in if the list is based on popularity or wins? the answer is simple the league needed at least one more big man or forward and the final spots were wildcards.

So Booker was never really being compared to Brandon Ingram, but Paul and Westbrook he was faced with the names on the back of the jersey rather than actual numbers.

It is understandable that Chris Paul would make it as he has taken an OKC team that was projected to be nothing this year and he has that team playing for playoff seeding and on top of that he has been in lots of playoff games.

Russell Westbrook on the other hand has not had that great of a year, as he is shooting 23.5 percent from three point range, and happens to have another All-star playing along side of him that picks up most of the slack and they currently are nine games ahead of the Phoenix Suns.

We have yet to see the voting on these popularity games be based on the current season a player is having, meaning no one should be handed a spot because of the name on the back of his jersey.

When you compare the East and the West, Tre Young in his second year is already an all-star and that due to the weakness of power in the east, but Young still got in because of his popularity after beating out another snubbed player Bradley Beal who is averaging 28 points a game.


Booker is shooting 51.1 percent from the field and 91 percent from free throw line and not taking as many three’s as he usually does around 40 percent, the efficiency is undeniably all-star worthy because they are far better than some of the guys that got selected.

So how will Booker ever get to this milestone? it appears playoff runs with monumental big shots taken in those games will be the only way for Booker to get a reading on the all-star scale. 

This is truly the meaning of the term “snubbed” because a player that truly is the reason his team is improved should clearly be an all-star, regardless of record or past seasons or playoff games.

Devin Booker will no doubt move on and hopefully he will have one of the best second half of a season to show the world and the league that he should have been no doubt an all-star in 2020.

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