Suns Devin Booker Determined Not to Lose In San Antonio Again

The Phoenix Suns on the road in a place where they just do not win, and coming off playing the Spurs just three days ago where they relented a big 21 point lead down the stretch.

Suns have not beat the Spurs in over seven years in San Antonio, dating all the way back to February 7th 2013.

That is a long time to lose to a team, and star guard Devin Booker had those sentiments coming into this match up.

Booker was determined not to lose this game as he said during an interview after the game “I said it at the end of the third to start the fourth: ‘We’re not leaving here without a victory,'” Booker said. “We wanted this one bad.” From start to finish Booker led the way and his lead was inspiring to his teammates because the Suns played a very sound basketball game.

Spurs have a way of getting under a teams skin with crafty style and referee friendly antics such as drawing fouls and getting all of the call to go against the other team.

Coming down the stretch of this game some of those crafty antics were exercised, as the Suns played through not getting calls and tugging and pulling by the savvy veteran style coach by the greatest coach Greg Popvivich.

Devin Booker was called for a foul that should have easily been called a charge on the Spurs, Booker got up ran to the bench and sat down without complaint and didn’t get the call. Runs back on the court and in times past would have melted down, but this time he led his team down the stretch until he fouled out of the game with about 1:32 left.

The well deserved All-Star candidate led his team with how aggressive he was on the defensive end, and it rubbed off on Kelly Oubre and company and they stayed poised through a Spurs comeback.

Suns led the game by 15 after going down early by nine, and maintained the lead throughout the game all the way to the fourth quarter. Every time the Spurs threatened to snatch the game out from under them, the team responded with a “not this time” attitude and made the plays necessary to keep their slim lead.

Spurs got as close as one point a few times but Booker made All-Star plays and set up his teammates to finish the game.

The final 1:32 the Suns got a very important contribution from Dario Saric, scoring on a put back offensive rebound off a Bridges miss three attempt. After the game the team had a moment of team bonding, doing six pushups together and at the end broke the huddle with a “Cash me out” not so sure why six pushups was the number but what ever it stood for they did it as a team.

It helped a lot that the Spurs were not shooting as well as they usually do when playing the Suns, as the deadly Patty Miles had two wide open three’s and was not able to knock them down. Here is Head Coach Monty Williams after the game with his thoughts: 

Sometimes when you get so determined on the task things start to work in your favor regardless, and that was how the Suns tough their way past a good Spurs team through adversity.

Can a performance like this one catapult them to the next level down the stretch of a playoff fight against four other teams, or will the young team be satisfied they finally overcame the Spurs and be complacent.

We shall see but it was very nice to see Devin Booker make another declaration of his deserving to be named an All-Star this season, as he sits as the fourth guard voted on by his peers.

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