Phoenix Suns Take Two Steps Backwards with Two Losses

The Phoenix Suns faced a top 5 defense of the year against the Indiana Pacers, and they were clearly not ready.  The Indiana Pacers are still missing Victor Oladipo despite reports stating he may return for this next game. In a heavy offensive basketball league, the Phoenix Suns failed to score even ninety points. 

The Suns only scored eighty-seven points against the Pacers 112 points. No Phoenix Suns players earned a double-double this game. The Indiana Pacers successfully got under the Suns skin. As a result, this caused Deandre Ayton to experience some foul trouble for the duration of the game and Devin Booker commited a Flagrant foul.

Deandre Ayton failed to earn a double-double due to lack of aggressive play.  The big guy from Gonzaga, Domantas Sabonis, showed Deandre Ayton just how a powerful guy under the rim should play.  Domantas Sabonis scored 24 points and recorded thirteen rebounds. Sabonis played more aggressively during the game than Deandre Ayton, causing Ayton to commit senseless fouls putting him in foul trouble early.  Deandre Ayton is not the only player that struggled all game long.

Devin Booker only scored sixteen points against the Indiana Pacers.  Devin Booker has been shooting lights out lately, scoring over 30 points a game 5 of the last 6 games.  Devin Booker only scoring 16 points is more acknowledging the Indiana Pacers defense. Devin Booker was clearly frustrated and it showed in the fourth quarter when Devin Booker wound up on a block and almost hit Sabonis in the face.  Kelly Oubre jr. is the only player that had a decent game for the Suns by recording seventeen points and nine rebounds. Kelly Oubre Jr. continues to prove he can dunk on any player against any team and deserves to be in the dunk contest in Chicago.

The Phoenix Suns have had problems all year with lack of aggressiveness and they refuse to toughen up.  The Suns can not take the next step and enter the playoffs without being aggressive. Five Indiana Pacers scored in double digits!  Where is the defense Monty Williams promised at the beginning of the season? The Phoenix Suns will look to avenge their loss against the Spurs in San Antonio on Friday January 24th. 


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