Suns Get a Much Needed Signature Win

Phoenix Suns have been looking for a signature win all season to prove they are playoff worthy.  Last night the Phoenix Suns beat the Boston Celtics during a road game at TD Garden. Beating the Boston Celtics is no feat, even if the Celtics were missing star Kemba Walker.  The Phoenix Suns have now won seven of their last ten games, including winning this game without Kelly Oubre Jr. 

Four games prior, Coach Monty Williams benched Deandre Ayton and since returning he has played like a different man.  A great coach can find a way to maximize their players potential, and Monty has found what works with Ayton. Since returning to the game, Deandre Ayton has averaged twenty four points per game as well as 15.3 rebounds per game.  Deandre Ayton is still young and learning. He made a poor defensive decision late in the game and fans noticed instant remorse through Ayton’s body language. Deandre is beginning to understand what his roles and responsibilities to this team. 

As stated by Johnathon Raymond, “You can’t know what you don’t know. You can’t know about things you have yet to discover.” Demonstrating self awareness is the key for Deandre Ayton to grow as a teammate and player. Devin Booker has continued his long history of success dominating the Boston Celtics.  Last time Devin Booker player at TD Garden, he scored 70 points and all while losing the game.

This time Devin Booker scored 39 points, along with holding onto ten rebounds and earning nine assists. The unsung heroes of this game are Mikal Bridges and Dario Saric. Mikal Bridges stepped up his level of performance during Kelly Oubre Jr’s. absence, Bridges scored twenty six points this game and even snagged three rebounds.  Dario Saric came off the bench scoring thirteen points and holding onto eleven rebounds. More impressively is his plus minus points on the floor which was +19. This is statistically higher than any other Suns player.  mikal-bridges

The Phoenix Suns defense has continued to be sporadic.  Without Kemba Walker on the Boston Celtics floor, they still scored 119 points.  The Phoenix Suns defense permitted Marcus Smart to score 37 points. Mikal Bridges is beginning to show signs that he may be a defensive answer for the Phoenix Suns.  Mikal Bridges has near “lockdown defensive” skills! If he can become a more efficient scorer and stay on the court longer, the Suns might have their winning defensive answer.  The Phoenix Suns next game is against the struggling San Antonio Spurs at home. The Suns need to take advantage of struggling teams if they want the eight seed in the playoffs.


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