Phoenix Suns Lose to the Hawks Without Their Point Guard


If fans had any hopes this season that the Phoenix Suns were going to be good after a seven win four loss start, so far they were wrong.  Fans definitely felt like there were some demons in the attic after last night’s loss. Over the previous four years, The Phoenix Suns have not won 25 games, and over the last decade have not made the playoffs.  The demons are strong! The Suns may not make the playoffs again. The Phoenix Suns are currently 2.5 games behind the final playoff spot and the Memphis Grizzlies are on a winning spree and are pulling away from the Suns.


The Big 3 for the Phoenix Suns were outperformed by the Big 3 of the Atlanta Hawks.  The Atlanta Hawks Big 3: Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, and John Collins scored 81 points, eighteen rebounds, and twenty-nine rebounds.  While the Phoenix Suns Big 3: Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and Kelly Oubre Jr., scored 70 points, five assists, and twenty rebounds.

The Atlanta Hawks had eight wins prior to this game, and the Phoenix Suns once again can’t take advantage of winnable scenarios.  The Phoenix Suns have had a preferable schedule this season and since their 7-4 start the Suns are on a nine win and twenty lose streak. The Sun’s lost with a final score of 123-110 last night increasing doubt for all Suns fans. The Phoenix Suns started off with great defense but have lost their way.


Over the next ten games, the Phoenix Suns only play one opponent with a more disastrous record. The Suns will play seven of the next ten games on the road, which may not end well as they struggle to win at home. Now the Suns will go on the road and oppose rosters with more talent, and higher winning percentage, the outlook is getting very dark for the Phoenix Suns.


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