Didn’t Take Long For Larry Fitzgerald to Decide He’d Return Another Year

The Arizona Cardinals have a very intriguing off-season ahead of them, with the opening of free agency, the combine, and the draft the front office has so many decisions to make.

Having to get each one of those move absolutely right, the team was happy to find out earlier than usually of the return of Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald returning for his 17th year with the organization.

A one year deal the was done earlier than any of the past years, in fact each year it seems he is making up his mind earlier than late as he went from January 24th last year to the 15th this year.

Fitzgerald is excited and clearly didn’t want to hold up off-season operations.

It is obvious that having him aboard for another season makes the Cardinals a better team, and his contributions on and off the field increase their chances of being that worse to first team that often happens each year.

It may be that Larry doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be part of the next winning Cardinals team, with the rise of mobile quarterbacks in complex systems Fitz can see himself still as a great asset.

So what does this signing mean for Larry going forward seeing that he excepted a one year deal?

Could it mean that he is making this up coming season his final season, or could it just mean he will play it one year at a time and will see where the progress of the team is going.

Regardless of his future after the 2020 season, we know he is very excited to stay around with the great potential in Kyler Murray at the quarterback position.

Not to mention a few more of Hall-of-Fame receiver Jerry Rice’s records to bring down, seeing that a few more seasons Larry will be the number one receiver in almost every category.

The 2020 season will feature Fitzgerald again as the Redbirds number one receiver, and that by default because not one of the current receivers seem to be ready to take that big of a step.

Christian Kirk is a very solid number two and perhaps slot guy at three, hoping to take the next step in his maturation which includes trying to make it through an entire season healthy.

But until someone emerges, Larry Fitzgerald is not a bad option to lean on until these kids get up to speed.

Intriguing offseason to come, particularly in the draft where it appears that at number eight the Cardinals will have their choice at a future wide receiver.

The same situation last year that General Manager Steve Keim decided to past up on and got wideouts from the  later rounds, which at the time looked to be great moves but the talent levels didn’t reach near the level needed for one of those guys to emerge as a clear future number one.

There will be at least nine players in the 2020 draft that appear to be immediate impact players in year one, and the wide receivers look to be for sure “cant miss” super stars within their first two seasons.

So this is a no brainer for the Arizona Cardinals front office, go after the best talent on the board at number eight and do not worry about need.

If the stars were aligned for the Cardinals it would probably align them with wideout CeeDee Lamb out of Oklahoma, simply because of his familiarity with the star quarterback and the offense they run.

Larry Fitzgerald will have another season to groom up the next number one wideout, and if the Redbirds get one at eight you can guarantee he will be on the field game one of the next season this time.


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