Phoenix Suns Win Second In a Row Take Down Hornets

After the Phoenix Suns concluded the first quarter, they were behind by six points, the Suns managed to finish strong and win with a final score of one hundred to ninety-two.  That game was the final game of a five game home stand, and most fans were hoping the Suns could win at least four of them.

During the five game home stand the Phoenix Suns needed to win four of the previous five home games, they sadly only won three to proving they need to improve more before becoming playoff hopefuls.  The Phoenix Suns continue to confuse the fans with every game that passes. The Suns lose games they should win, and barely win games they should dominate.

The Phoenix Suns have shown no significant signs of improvement, and role players still seem unaware of their roles for the team. Devin Booker has continued to be the number one player on a team that can not win.  Kelly Oubre Jr. continues to be a dominant number two player that can dunk on any team.

Ricky Rubio continues to be a floor general. Aaron Baynes continues to be an unaggressive big man, while Aaron Baynes is coming off the bench and is a great bench player but clearly not a factor in the teams future plans. Cameron Johnson may be the Phoenix Suns rookie but scored 0 points against the Hornets last night. 

Aside from the above mentioned five players, the other Phoenix Suns players are even more inefficient. The Suns only scored one hundred points against a fifteen win, twenty four loss Charlotte Hornets. The Suns have not developed as a team since the beginning of the season. Is this a head coach issue or owner issue? The Phoenix Suns have now won two games in a row leaving fans hopeful this team is on a winning streak but something has to change. 


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