What We Know About the Sun’s 36 Games In


The Phoenix Suns are currently five games away from the halfway mark of the season.  The Phoenix Suns are currently ranked number twelve in the Western Conference and 1.5 games behind a playoff spot.  The Suns have fourteen wins and twenty-two losses, and despite high hopes earlier in the season, that ship may sink soon.  The Phoenix Suns have experienced injuries at an alarming rate this season. What have the Suns learned despite injuries?

Monty Williams was the best hire for right now.  Monty Williams may not be the long term plan but this team has bought into coach Monty Williams approach.   Last year, at this point in the season, the Phoenix Suns had nine wins and twenty seven losses. The Suns had been blown out of multiple games, losing by more than twenty five points more times than I’m willing to mention.  This year, the Phoenix Suns have not lost a game by more than twenty one points and that was only one time. Last year during a deficit the Suns would figuratively roll over and die. This year the Suns are not willing to give up and die. 

Statistics matter tremendously in the NBA.  Devin Booker can continue scoring forty points a game and shooting 50% from the field but his shots are not highly efficient.  Monty Williams has decided to make Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker the focal points of the office. While the idea is admirable, Monty Williams still believes the mid range jumper is efficient in the NBA.  Scoring efficiency is higher when you attack the rim or shoot three pointers; however, Monty Williams will not change his philosophy.

Deandre Ayton can earn a double-double every night, and it does not seem to help the team.  Due to Deandre Ayton lack of aggressive play, his lack of shooting efficiency currently makes him the fifth worst player on the Suns team.  Deandre Ayton can score fourteen points per game, but he does it in the least effective way possible. Deandre Ayton does not dive for rebounds and takes inefficient shots; so when he earns twelve rebounds and fourteen points it’s not efficiently.

The Phoenix Suns have not improved as a team all year.  Regardless of injury there had been more rotation in the lineup, the Suns have not improved their defense, and bench players have regressed.  The Suns need a winning streak. Recently, the Suns lost to the Ja Morant Memphis Grizzlies and need to win tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings.  It would be nice for them to carry a winning streak into the Orlando Magic game on Friday.


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