Inconsistent Play of the Phoenix Suns Yield Another Loss

Head Coach Monty Williams may be going through his toughest adversity in his first year as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns.

Williams has had adverse situations early in the season with the 25 game suspension of his center De’Andre Ayton, and his development being slowed down as a result of it.

The Suns are in the midst of a five game home stand and it’s a stand that should be a clean sweep of wins through it, but the team is up and down and very inconsistent and the question is where does that inconsistency come from.

After watching the game for the last two nights it appears that the Suns are still finding their way as a team, and searching for the right combinations on the floor that will allow them to compete at a high level every night.

A 121-114 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies who are playing very well coming in to Talking Stick Arena, a place they have won already twice this season.

So far one player seems to know his roll right now and that star guard Devin Booker, who is leading this team with everything he has in his arsenal.

Booker added another 30 plus scoring night to bring the streak to six and counting, as scoring comes easy for him but his team around him has yet to figure out their respected rolls.

The biggest question right now is why has Dario Saric’s minutes been reduced too minimal, and is this a sign of the team getting ready to turn him at the trade deadline.

But if that was the case, then he would probably be playing to add more value to a trade, so its been very mind-bottling as to why he was starting a week ago and now he is barely playing.

So with that being said, it seems that the honeymoon is over for Head Coach Monty Williams, and now all of the questions are being directed at him for what he is doing with this team.

The rotations have been very confusing at times, as the starting line up featured both Ayton and Baynes. This line up helps the Suns be big up-front but it doesn’t help when those two are not on the same page defensively. Ayton at the five to be a rim protecter has not worked, and Baynes at the four to be the teams primary three point shooter has not worked either.

Another big question is why has Mikal Bridges being played as a four and not as the defensive wing he was drafted for, matching him up with bigger and stronger guys on a nightly basis will  ware him down mentally and physically.

The teams rotations have been very suspect and this is partly the reason they find themself making come-backs from huge deficits.

Tonight the starting line-up gets a seven point lead, and the second team comes in and the team is down double digits until Booker scored two baskets to make it reasonable at the half.

Suns have showed promise at times and other times they look like a team with no direction, that points to coaching and Monty hasn’t maximized all of the pieces he has on the team in the correct way.

De’Andre Ayton has looked lost on defense and rushed on offense and has not gotten his game legs completely under him.

On many occasions he is found standing around looking up as the opposing team goes after his rebounds.

Ayton has been a consistent 14 and 12 player, and it seems that the team is content and satisfied with what he has brought to the table on a nightly basis.

Then you look at Luka Doncic leading the All-Star balloting and makes the fans wonder did the Suns make another big mistake taking Ayton over Doncic.

Ayton has not been the physical beast his body looks like, in fact he has shied away from contact more often than not and settled for jump-shots rather than to back a person down and dunk over their head.

Development was suppose to be Monty Williams strong point, and yet Ayton looks exactly the same as he did last year the same passive individual who just does not get it yet.

Monty’s rotations are a big question mark right now, with Frank Kominski out for the next month and Saric has been benched, where is the production from the bench going to come from.

Playing Bridges out of position is causing him to struggle being in foul trouble on a consistent basis, and guys like Tyler Johnson and Ellie Okobo are allowed to shoot the ball way too much with no impact results.

Could all of this be leading to a trade? that’s the question but if not then where is Monty going with his rotations and what is the end goal.


Tonight after the Grizzlies lost Williams declined to answer questions as he had his say and stormed out of the media room, leaving one to think has the position gotten to him already and is this team got him in over his head.

January 15th is the trade deadline and the Suns are usually never active on that night, perhaps this is a time to make change and get a player that can help-this team get to the next level.

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