Phoenix Suns Expose Lakers Weakness

The Phoenix Suns played their fourth road game in a row before opposing the New York Knicks.  It turns out the Los Angeles Lakers could have all worn blindfolds in the first half and outscored the Suns. 

Lebron James earned a double double with ten points and ten assists at halftime, leading the Lakers to 74 points in the first half.  The Phoenix Suns only scored forty one points in the first half of the game, leaving them with a thirty three point deficit.

The second half of the game was a very different story though.  The Los Angeles Lakers decided that Lebron James and Anthony Davis did not need to play the entire duration of the game, and that is when the Suns attacked.

The Phoenix Suns exploited the Los Angeles Lakers bench permitting the Lakers to only score forty three points.  The Suns quickly erased the 30+ point deficit and even reduced the gap to eight points at one point.

The comeback was a little too late though, eventually Lebron James and Anthony Davis came back into the game to finish it off. The Suns could not keep up with the pace which resulted in a loss of 117-107.  Anthony Davis and Lebron James earned a combined 24 rebounds, 24 assists, and 56 points as they scored over half of their team’s points.

Devin Booker and Kelly Oubre Jr. for the Phoenix Suns scored 58 points to also score more than half the Suns points. Deandre Ayton statistically had a good game scoring sixteen points and fourteen rebounds, but still played timid and shoots statistically bad fifteen foot jump shots.  Four games prior, the Suns started their easy eleven game schedule. Currently they have earned two wins and two losses, this was by far the most rigorous event during the eleven game stretch. The New York Knicks will visit the Suns tomorrow, where the Suns can get back on track.


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