Phoenix Suns Resolve and Bounce Back to end Losing Streak


Two teams coming in on losing streaks means someone has to break that streak, and another will continue on that streak.

That was the case for the Phoenix Suns on Saturday night coming off a back -to-back losing to the Warriors, and blowing a double digit lead in the process.

The Suns battle again and threw three quarters control the game with double digit leads and again lose that lead in the fourth period, but this outcome was different as the team showed a little resolve as the Kings came back to a tie and took the lead twice down the stretch.

The Suns shot 51.7 percent from the field, and road the coattails of guard Devin Booker for a second night in a row.

30 plus points two nights in a row when the team really needed it shows lots of fight from a guard that has taken much criticism about taking over games in crutch time.

Booker finished with 32 points and 10 assist and he cut down on his turnovers tonight only having 2 and 13 as a team a far difference from 27 the night before.

If the Suns can catch a rhythm and get back to where they were at the beginning of the year.

Suns made the critical plays even when the Kings pressed them and tried to force them to do what has plagued them of late.

One possession that was perfect execution was a play where they held the one point lead and needed to break a press to stay ahead.

The ball inbound to Booker in the back court and he was blitzed by two players, he passed the ball into the front court on a nice jump pass to Kelly Oubre. The Oubre under pressure calmly made a beautiful bounce pass to Cam Johnson, whom as a rookie made a nice quick chest pass cross court Ricky Rubio, as the point knew exactly what to do finding Aaron Baynes cutting to the rim and hit him in stride for the big slam dunk.


A great play that shows that this team has it in them but have to learn how to do these types of things on a consistent level.

Still showing they are a young team, they gave the Kings opportunity to snatch the win from them but got lucky after Harrison Barns got a wide open look on a three on an inbounds play.

He missed and the Suns get the 112-110 victory, and it says a lot for them to win on the road after a heart breaking give away loss the night before.

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