Arizona Cardinals Finish the Season Falling to Rams 31-24

The 2019 season comes to an end for the Arizona Cardinals, and the final game of the season didn’t finish the way they wanted but their play felt like a team that has made some strides.

This was what all the fans and some media (including KazualSportz) wanted to see at seasons end that the team was going in the right direction.

The start of the game there were questions if starting quarterback rookie Kyler Murray would be healthy enough to play, and he made the start being limited to a pocket passer and gained more respect as the new face and leader of this team.

Murray finished with 325 yards on 26/42 and two touchdowns, but had some weird style turnovers in this game that the stats just have to lay on him.

But were they really on him? he tossed a ball right into the area of running back Kenyon Drake, then center AQ Shipley decides to snap a ball while Murray was changing a play.

Then an interception got tipped in the secondary that threw the ball off the line to Fitz, and the last interception he over threw which was entirely on him.

His performance was very heroic under adverse circumstances, being limited to the pocket and one dimensional.

The Rams knew that Murray was limited and crowed the RPO hand off knowing he can’t run made it easier to know what was coming.

Kenyon Drake got most of the running duty against a tough root line finished with only 60 yards on 12 carries, but still ran hard and looked the part of the starting back going forward.

David Johnson was no where to be found, not one carry in the game says a lot that this team he just doesn’t fit what they do.

The 31-24 lost was very respectable considering how the last time they faced this team at home, and the Cards played them to the end and a few plays here and there probably could have won this one.

Next season will be very fun to watch, as this organization has many decisions to make, and pieces to add and subtract.


The record of 5-10-1 makes the Redbirds 2 1/2 games better than they were last year, more importantly they looked better than that disastrous team of a year ago.

The offense can score points and stay in games, and for a while the defense couldn’t stop anyone finally start looking formidable enough to get stops in the course of the game.

Optimism is the vibe around the valley, with the eighth pick in the draft and about 74 million in cap space for free agency this team can make the next step to being a winning team.

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