Phoenix Suns Old Habit of Losing Taking Over the 2019 Season

A seven game losing streak feels much like the 2018 Phoenix Suns, when this year started with a surprise 7-4 start without center DeAndre Ayton.

The Suns are in a spin cycle of injuries and can never get the entire cast of players on the court to find out what they really are, but more than that it’s hard to break a losing streak before it becomes habit forming.

The team is currently on an eight game losing streak, and finds itself losing to teams they would have beaten early in the year.

The Suns are mentally losing games down the stretch, as their last opponent the Golden State Warriors had 8 wins on the year coming in as the worst in the West.

Warriors were also coming off an impressive win on Christmas day against the Houston Rockets, whom the weekend before crushed the Suns by almost 30 points.

So coming on the road to a hot Warriors team didn’t bold well for the Suns, but they jump out to a 13 point lead, and led going into the fourth period by 10 and after that the mental aspect took over the game.

Planet Orange had 27 turnovers in the game and 10 of those in the final period, which is a recipe for disaster.

Guard Devin Booker led the way with 34 points and 4 assists which shows he was more aggressive, but also added 8 turnovers and was not able to elevate his team past the lowly Warriors in crutch time.


This will certainly be in the equation when the All-Star balloting starts, as Booker all season has been efficient and has been getting other guys involved but has not put it together how to win and be the cause of the team winning rather than losing.

The 105-96 loss was a 23 point turn around and a sure break down of mental focus in a game they should have won by double figures.

This is the same team that was on the floor in the absence of center De’Andre Ayton at seasons beginning, but has not found that magic since.

Ayton returned for only one game and went down to an ankle injury and has missed the last 5 games and is still on the shelf with uncertainty as too when he will return.

How long before this losing becomes habit? where the team starts to doubt its new system and Coach running it, that is the million dollar question.

This makes one think that this team is still lite years away from being a playoff contender, and perhaps may have to dip their hands in the trade deadline basket and add a piece that can propel them to the next level.

Or is Ayton that piece ? one can only hope that he returns with a fire that will ignite this team, but the return from the suspension in one game he looked like the same old passive guy.

Time will tell if the Suns are actually better and are these the guys in this group the ones that can gel and be better.

In the mean time losing is starting to set in, and once everyone is finally together, how long will it take to start seeing the future and the answer again is, only time will tell.

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