Arizona Cardinals Chandler Jones Should Be Defensive Player of the Year

Arizona Cardinal Defensive Linebacker, Chandler Jones, has accomplished many feats in his four years as an Arizona Cardinals player.  These accomplishments have certainly flown under the radar. The record for most sacks by a player for one franchise is currently 66.5 by Freddie Joe Nunn.  Freddie Joe Nunn played for the Saint Louis Cardinals from 1985 to 1993, in 131 games Freddie Joe Nunn recorded 66.5 sacks. Chandler Jones has played for the Arizona Cardinals for four years, recording 63 games and 60 sacks.  Chandler Jones just needs to record four more sacks to hold the record for most sacks by a player for one franchise. It is possible he will accomplish this in under 100 games played.


This season, Chandler Jones has recorded 19 sacks.  Michael Strahan currently maintains the record for most sacks at 22.5 sacks in one season.  The season record for most sacks will be a longshot for Chandler Jones but not impossible. If he can accomplish four sacks against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, just like he recorded against the Seahawks, the record will be his.  If Chandler Jones can accomplish four sacks, he will have 100 sacks in his career. This will break the season sack record with twenty three sacks and he will have the most sacks by a player for one franchise with a total of 64 sacks.


Last year, the Defensive Player of the Year was clearly Aaron Donald with 20.5 sacks and 58 tackles.  Aaron Donald was the biggest sensation defensively and the national media could not get enough of him.  Currently Chandler Jones holds impressive statistics and only has one game left with 51 tackles and 19 sacks and the national media seemingly won’t obsess over his success.  The NFL awards have been known to be a popularity contest but Chandler Jones should clearly be considered for the Defensive Player of the Year award for the right reasons; effective defense. 


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