Arizona State University Loses Danny Gonzales

Every year a majority of colleges have (find the need) to change members of the coaching staff due to advancement of careers, or coaches being terminated.  This year Arizona State University terminated their Offensive Coordinator, Tight End Coach, and Wide Receiver Coach. Arizona State University will now experience some new challenges. 

ASU will oppose Florida State University in the upcoming Sun Bowl during a time when the Defensive Coordinator, Danny Gonzalez, advanced in the coaching world to become the Head Coach for the University of New Mexico. 

Danny Gonzales has been the defensive coordinator for Arizona State University over the last two years. During this previous season, his defense led the Pac-12 with 27 turnovers, and held opposing offenses to 387 yards per game.  Danny Gonzales incorporated the 3-3-5 defense, which is a newer system and can be very complicated to understand by players.

Arizona State University players began the process of understanding the new plays as the season continued.  It is a shame that fans won’t have another year to see the system fully established in the defense. Danny Gonzales learned the 3-3-5 system during his time playing for the University of New Mexico. The 3-3-5 defense is often referred to as controlled chaos, with three linemen, three linebackers, and five defensive backs on the field. 

This is proven to be the best play against the air raid system that most colleges use today. Danny Gonzales will be returning to the college he attended years prior; University of New Mexico as a Head Coach. Arizona State University fans should wish him good luck; however, this will leave a gaping hole for the next coach to fill.

Fans will be curious throughout the next few weeks on who will fill the role of the new Defensive Coordinator.  As of now, Arizona State University has not released any potential names of coaches that are in the interview process.


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