Arizona Cardinals Win Possibly Larry Fitzgerald’s Last Home Game


The Arizona Cardinals finally had a dominating performance after losing six straight games.  Now there are two ways to look at this: One way is the Cardinals beat the Cleveland Browns that have been in a downward spiral for weeks now, or you can look at it as Larry Fitzgerald may have played his final home game.  Now lets be clear, this is not a report that this is his final home game. Just stating that there may be a chance that the legend will retire after sixteen seasons. Larry Fitzgerald is more than a first round Hall-of-Famer.

Larry is a true legend that exudes respect for everyone and gives more to the community than the community can ever give to him.  Fitzgerald will not ask for a farewell tour like some other players may, therefore, we will not know his decision until after the conclusion of this season.

Larry Fitzgerald may have only had three catches for forty two yards but this was a big time team performance.  Many critics were filled with doubt regarding Patrick Peterson’s effort in recent games; however, during this game Partick earned an interception and was about one inch from an additional interception.

There are still ample questions surrounding Patrick Peterson’s future but as of now, he silenced his loudest critics.  Kenyan Drake has played an integral part in this offense since he was traded from Miami. Today Kenyan Drake has twenty two carries for 137 yards and 4 touchdowns! The Arizona Cardinals are still fielding a lot of questions but winning definitely quiets a lot of problems.

Next week the Arizona Cardinals travel to Seattle to oppose the Seahawks.  Hopefully the Cardinals can carry their momentum with them for another win or two. The Cleveland Browns have proven to be the biggest disappointment of the season but that doesn’t take away the Arizona Cardinals fourth victory.


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