Mexico City Overtime Thriller for Phoenix Suns vs Rival Spurs

Two days before center De’Andre Ayton makes his return to the Phoenix Suns Lind up. the team found itself in a close game tonight verses a rival of old times the San Antonio Spurs. Suns coming of the heartbreaking loss to the Grizzlies and losing guard Devin Booker to a forearm injury in the process.

Spurs did what they do every night and thats soundly play consistent team basketball and force you to make mistakes and beat yourself.

Planet Orange was in position to get their 12th win of the season when point guard Ricky Rubio made a three pointer with 6.5 seconds left.

Suns got the ball back on a turnover and all they had to do was get the ball inbounds and would have been shooting free throws to put it away.

But the young and inexperienced Suns turn the ball over on the inbound to Rubio and the Spurs made them pay.

Patty Miles lead the Spurs with 26 points and he made timely shots all night including the shot that would get the game into overtime.

The Suns were lead by Ricky Rubio with 25 points and 13 assist, the newly acquired point guard is starting to find a comfortable groove in orchestrating this team on the floor. Adding to his assist totals some aggressive scoring and this should bold well when they get back their man in the middle.

A crucial rebound that appeared to go off of the leg of a Spurs player, the ref said it went off the head of Mikal Bridges and gave the Spurs the ball with a chance to take the lead back in the overtime period.

Out of the time out the play went to the the hot hand Miles on the great inbounds play and as the Spurs do hit the game winner leaving only 0.03 seconds left.

Aaron Baynes took the last desperate three and it was too long and the final score was Spurs 121-119 In Nee Mexico City, where the international game was considered a Suns home game.

The Phoenix Suns did not shoot the three ball particularly well tonight, hitting only 25% of their attempts and that may have been part of their down fall. To play the Spurs without Devin Booker, and a suspended Ayton the Suns held their own pretty well most of the night, as they overcame an 11 point deficit after the first quarter to take a lead of their own of 10 in the third.

Head Coach Monty Williams has his squad playing hard on a nightly basis, lets see if he gets the absolute best out of De’Andre Ayton when he returns.

Now the team is on a losing streak of 2 games and Tuesday night marks the return of an eager Ayton vs the very good Los Angeles  Clippers team.

The Suns hope to get Booker back and with the return of Ayton look to also have the team at full strength for the first time since the opener.

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