Arizona Cardinals Extend Their Current Streak to Six


The Arizona Cardinals continue their losing streak in an increasingly embarrassing fashion.  Two weeks ago, experts predicted that the Arizona Cardinals would beat the struggling Los Angeles Rams.  In a nauseating turn of events, the Arizona Cardinals proceeded to lose 34-7, with the Cardinals scoring their touchdown in garbage time.


This previous week, the Arizona Cardinals opposed the Pittsburgh Steelers with their third string undrafted quarterback Devlin “Duck” Hodges.  Speaking of nauseating, I felt ill while watching the Cardinals on the field. Kyler Murray experienced a horrific performance as he threw for less than 200 yards, two touchdowns, and had three interceptions. 

The Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals have three wins in twelve games. Interesting enough, undrafted Devlin Hodges earned the same number of wins in the last three games. Head Coach Kliff Kingsberry is still demonstrating to fans that he does not believe in running the ball.  In this game, there were only 16 rushing attempts that were not performed by quarterback Kyler Murray. Kliff Kingsbury has clearly informed Kyler Murray to not follow his instincts and throw the ball even if there is an opportunity to run for a touchdown.

Kyler Murray was about twelve yards away from a touchdown with a clear path to score by means of running the ball; instead, he threw an interception in the endzone.


The Arizona Cardinals have struggled for years and have not had a winning season since 2015.  The NFL continually rewards poor performing teams with high draft picks for the following year and the Cardinals still haven’t found a way to pull together a winning season.  For the Cardinals, the last two seasons have proven to be the most embarrassing for fans. During this time, the Cardinals had back-to-back three win seasons and in both seasons they had a rookie quarterback and new head coach. 

For those two seasons, the Cardinals had a roster full of promising players. The Cardinals roster included a future hall of famer defensive tackle Chandler Jones, future hall of famer Patrick Peterson on the team, as well as future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald.  This year the Cardinals took advantage of the first round pick of the draft and chose quarterback Kyler Murray and Defensive Player of the Year Chandler Jones. Most likely, the Arizona Cardinals will lead themselves to another shameful season even with a great roster of players.


General Manager, Steve Keim, needs to take responsibility for the mediocrity the Cardinals are experiencing.  Before the Season even began, Steve Keim demonstrated his poor judgement when he decided to drink and drive. The police described this situation as an extreme DUI.  Steve Keim hired Head Coach Kliff Kingsberry for the season. Kliff Kingsbury was the head coach of Texas Tech for six years with a record of 19-35.

Kliff then decided to utilize quarterback Johnny Manziel the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and Patrick Maholmes.  Arguably, Patrick is the best quarterback in the league as well as the first rookie to win MVP in the NFL. Kliff Kinsbury along with Patrick MAholmes and Johnny Manziel still maintain a losing record. Steve Keim thought he could be an NFL winner. What kind of judgement is this from General Manager Steve Keim?


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