What does ASU Offensive Coordinator Not Getting Resigned Mean for Daniels?

Earlier this week Head Coach Herm Edwards announced that he will not be reinstating  the contract for Coach Likens as Offensive Coordinator. This news may have come as a shock to freshmen Jayden Daniels as he started the season learning specifice plays and trusting Coach Likens.  How will this affect Jayden Daniels in the future?


Jayden Daniels has played twelve games so far in his career.  After the first three games of the season, Jayden Daniels began performing like a true Freshman of the Year Candidate.  Prior to the initial three games, Jayden Daniels appeared to be more like a game manager. At the beginning of the season, during the time Jayden Daniels was first learning the playbook, the majority of his passes fell behind the line of scrimmage preventing him from throwing interceptions.  Daniels did not appear to be competent at the beginning of the season.

During game three of the season Jayden Daniels threw twenty six passes, completed fifteen passes, and threw for 140 yards with no touchdowns while opposing Michigan State University. Jayden Daniels did not produce any great statistics against a team that has only won three games this year. 

Week twelve of the season proved much better statistically for Jayden against the second best defense in the Pac-12. Jayden completed twenty two of thirty two passes for 408 yards along with three touchdowns. Daniels won the Pac-12 player of the week after that great performance. The ability to develop as a college athlete is contributed to the level of trust between a Coach and player.  Likens and Daniels trusted each other and Jayden heavily relied on Likens great Offensive Coordinator skills.

What does this mean for freshman Jayden Daniels?  For starters, Daniels will be required to learn an entirely new system next year.  Jayden may feel a level of frustration as he will be starting at square one again. The loudest rumor for Arizona State University’s new Offensive Coordinator is ex Browns head Coach Hugh Jackson. 

Despite Hugh Jackson’s bad publicity after failing as Head Coach, Jackson is actually a great Offensive Coach and Quarterback Coach. Hugh led Joe Flacco to becoming the first rookie to win two playoff games.  In 2010 Hugh Jackson was the Offensive Coordinator for the Oakland Raiders and ranked top-10 in every offensive statistic.

This move could actually be great for Daniels if he is up to the challenge of learning a new offensive scheme.  At this point in time, Herm Edwards has earned respect from fans so it is time to trust his decision and see what holds true for the future.


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