Should Cardinals Look For Other Defensive Coordinator Options?

Last year, the Arizona Cardinals defense permitted a historically unfavorable offense and found a way defensively to stay close all the way to the end.  Currently, the Cardinals have an offense averaging 22.5 points as well as 343.3 total yards per game. A team averaging 22.5 points per game that is ranked 15th in the league is typically considered mediocre.  This leaves me to question; why do the Cardinals only have three wins, seven losses, and one tie, as opposed to six wins and one loss?

Vance Joseph proved to be a great Defensive Coordinator in his yester years.  Vance Joseph’s defense led the Cincinnati Bengals to back-to-back playoffs as well as directed the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs.  However, since becoming head coach in 2017 for the Denver Broncos, coaching events have all been downhill from here.

Throughout two years of coaching the Denver Broncos, Vance Joseph won eleven games and lost twenty one games even provided with a very talented defense such as Aquib Talib and Von Miller.  Vance chose to coach for the Cardinals shortly after his dismissal from the Broncos.

The Arizona Cardinals defense, now under Vance Joseph guidance, is allowing almost twenty nine points a game which is ranked 30th out of 32 in the league.  The Arizona Cardinals have proven, great talent with their defensive team with players like; Patick Peterson as an all-pro for multiple years, Chandler Jones posting defensive numbers that make him a potential defensive player of the year candidate, as well as Terrell Suggs. 

Granted Patrick Peterson was suspended for six games and upon his return this defense still looked disheveled. The Arizona Cardinals have a young offense that is currently ranked fifteenth in offense along with a defense ranked 30th out of 32. In concluding this season, the Cardinals really need to evaluate the available defensive coordinator position and consider replacing Vance Joseph if there continues to be lack of improvement over the duration of the next five games.


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