Phoenix Suns Point Guard Ricky Rubio returns

Ricky Rubio’s absence, due to back spasms, was very noticeable to the young Phoenix Suns team.  Fans could sense immediately that the Phoenix Suns played a lot more efficiently and at ease on the court upon his return. 

In the first quarter alone, the Suns managed nine assists. Prior to Ricky Rubio’s absence, this team was statistically first in assists which changed once Rubio left the court.  Ricky Rubio’s final stat line for this game included eighteen points and three assists; however, the scoreboard cannot highlight his heightened leadership that led the Suns to thirty team assists.

Coach Monty Williams preaches often about efficiency in ball movement and quality defense to the Phoenix Suns.  Where was the Phoenix Suns defense? They forgot to show up! Notably, by the end of the first half of the game, the score was 74-69 with the Washington Wizards ahead.  All season, the Suns have permitted scores in the high 90’s to high 110’s but this was a new elevated score by allowing 140 points this game.

The Washington Wizards currently hold the best offensive efficiency in the league and the Phoenix Suns made a decision to play the style of game the Wizards are well versed.  The Wizards cannot be beat without a good defensive strategy. With that said, a good defensive strategy was certainly missing! The Phoenix Suns permitted 108 points by the end of the third quarter; that should be a final score in a standard game!

Dario Saric aka Super Dario has become a spectacular player over the last two games.  Originally, Dario was used sparingly by the team. Becoming a more trusted started, Super Dario earned a double double with twelve rebounds and seventeen points in this game.  The game prior, he achieved eighteen points and seventeen rebounds for back to back double doubles. Dario Saric is the right energy for the Phoenix Suns. Saric’s energy was evident as he was sprinting up and down the court during the final moments of the game.

Monty Williams recently gave Cheik Diallo more leighway on the court which he has chosen to utilize in efforts to earn the trust and respect of Williams.  Throughout the last two games, Cheik Diallo earned 16 rebounds, thirty nine points, and a double double right alongside Super Dario last night.

The Phoenix Suns as a team have great potential! The Phoenix Suns with Devin Booker, Kelly Oubre Jr., Cameron Johnson, the recent outbreak players Super Dario, and Cheik Diallo this is a dangerous team!  The team is young yet and still need to learn how to play their game and not the opposing team’s game, but their potential is sky high.


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