Ricky Rubio’s Back Spasms Cause Phoenix Suns Headaches

The Phoenix Suns have recently experienced their first back-to back loss of the season. Coincidentally Ricky Rubio has been out the last two games with back spasms. At one point in the season, the Phoenix Suns had seven wins and four losses, and now after a two-game losing streak this team find themselves statistically at seven wins and six losses.  The first loss was against the eleven win, two loss streak for the Boston Celtics in Phoenix and the second loss occurred the next evening while opposing the statistically six win seven loss Sacramento Kings.  


Astonishingly, the Phoenix Suns managed to limit the Sacramento Kings highest scorer, Buddy Hield, at bay by permitting him to only score twelve points that game.  Unfortunately, the Phoenix Suns could not hold Bogdan Bogdonavic back from his great performance as he scored thirty-one points this game which enhanced his career all high scoring achievement.  Bogdan Bogdonavic shot 78.6 percent from the field and the Phoenix Suns appeared dumbfounded.   


Since Ricky Rubio has not played due to back spasms, the Suns have not moved the ball near as well as they should.  Over the last two games, the Suns have only averaged twenty-three assists, when in the past, they were averaging twenty-eight assists per game over the last eleven games.  Not to mention, the Phoenix Suns top three point scorer was also not on the court this game.   


The Suns missed the talents of Aaron Baynes three point ability to spread the floor giving Devin Booker more space on the court to strategize and maneuver.  Devin Booker put up his normal superstar stat line shooting fifty percent from the field and scoring thirty points this game, sadly this was not enough.  


The Phoenix Suns will be looking to bounce back from the previous two losses as they will be playing at home on Thursday.  Hopefully, with Ricky Runio returning from his back spasms the Phoenix Suns will be able to win against the New Orleans Pelicans without Zion Williamson.



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